Saturday, Jun 8, 2024 @ 7:00 AM

McKenzie River Trail Run

Blue River, OR 50K


As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. If you would like to add your name to the list, use the green "Register" button on this page.

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1 Pending Applicant
50K Timo Harris Caceres' Eugene, ORFeb 19

Waitlist Applicants

88 Applicants
Order  HomeRank
1  photo Jim Bretl Corvallis, OR59.8%
2  photo Maria Avina Franco Eugene, OR66.9%
3    Grant Mcfarren Bend, OR71.5%
4    Danielle Haywood North Bend, WA89.8%
5    Hannah Ahn Lebanon, OR 
6    Kim Johnson Silverton, OR68.2%
7    Tara Bandor Redmond, OR 
8  photo Thaddeus Subra Portland, OR92.2%
9    Laurel Smith Camas, WA 
10    Amy Margolis Sisters, OR70.7%
11    Jenn Beherndt Seattle, WA80.1%
12    David Godfrey Washougal, WA66.0%
13    Spencer Anderson Eugene, OR71.9%
14  photo Suzi Saunders WINDSOR, CA79.8%
15    Chase Prochnow Portland, OR67.6%
16  photo Mike Tyler Salem, OR83.4%
17    Ryan Manies Bend, OR69.2%
18    Donnie Eggleston Bend, OR64.9%
19    Ken Clifton Cottage Grove, OR 
20    Sonja Nelson Bend, OR77.6%
21    Garland Will Hillsboro, OR59.9%
22    Emily Wakefield Corvallis, OR60.7%
23    Nicholas Fisher PORTLAND, OR90.2%
24    Rachel Craig tumwater, WA84.7%
25    Reed Reisdorf Moose Jaw, SK 
26    Chris Edison Eugene, OR59.8%
27    David Bates Eugene, OR84.6%
28  photo Megan Myers Bend, OR85.5%
29    James Heilman Portland, OR77.4%
30    Tamara Convertino Seattle, WA84.0%
31  photo Brent Veak Portland, OR76.1%
32    Ky Brown Eugene, OR64.7%
33    Sarah Ehlers Philomath, OR58.0%
34    Brent Terry Willimantic, CT33.3%
35    Jody Hansen_ Folsom, CA75.6%
36    Martin Rodden Bend, OR53.3%
37  photo Denise Williams Reno, NV74.7%
38    Steph Spencer Bend, OR68.2%
39    Brian Johnson Central Point, OR67.0%
40  photo Jason Smith Eugene, OR90.8%
41    Nicholas Phillips Corvallis, OR72.2%
42    Elise Lagerstrom Wood Village, OR89.8%
43    Arcellus Sykes Portland, OR67.7%
44    Kari Hale Emmett, ID 
45    Katie Ryan Bend, OR69.6%
46    Adryon Wong Bend, OR78.6%
47    Sophia Bigio Portland, OR78.4%
48    Terra Boehnen Milwaukie, OR76.6%
49    Sara Schubert Cedar Park, TX55.6%
50    Ella Goldstein Bend, OR 
51    Mary Condron Bend, OR58.0%
52    Hillary Halfmann EUGENE, OR 
53    Danielle Weinstein West Linn, OR70.5%
54    Colleen Sabol West Linn, OR79.6%
55    Jennifer Enna Bend, OR71.9%
56    Samuel Garee Silverton, OR71.9%
57    Meadow Lacy Ashland, OR60.5%
58    Tyler Franklin Lyons, OR62.5%
59  photo Micaela Russo Manzanita, OR79.9%
60    Mack Hart Portland, OR49.6%
61    Jessie O'Brien Herson Bend, OR56.7%
62    Taylor Herson BEND, OR78.4%
63  photo Susie Rivard White Salmon, WA95.2%
64    Torrey Lindbo Stevenson, WA92.5%
65    Whitney Tayer Halfway, OR 
66    Liz Mills Albuquerque, NM 
67    John Gaskill Gresham, OR58.3%
68    John Cernava Salem, OR72.9%
69    Pamela Bilyeu Eugene, OR83.8%
70    Heather Schmidt Portland, OR62.6%
71    Amber Hilgert Corvallis, OR70.7%
72    Debra Brooks Beaverton, OR60.2%
73    Charles Eidenschink PORTLAND, OR 
74    Felice Kelly Portland, OR96.0%
75    Max Chmielewski Bellingham, WA84.1%
76    Jenna Szoka Bellingham, WA84.8%
77    Michelle Martin Coburg, OR65.9%
78    Bill Martin Coburg, OR65.5%
79    Scott Purdue Eugene, OR75.8%
80    Rachel Koning Ashland, OR62.1%
81    Rob Koning Ashland, OR61.9%
82    Jason Schroeder Boring, OR81.8%
83    Patrick Watson Marcola, OR 
84    Brittney Sparks Grants pass, OR 
85    Katie Baldessari Sisters, OR66.3%
86    Miranda Audritsh Cascade Locks, OR49.1%
87  photo Kari Hays Klamath Falls, OR70.7%
88    Stephanie Austin Bend, OR64.6%