Friday, Sep 17, 2021

Run Rabbit Run

Steamboat Springs, CO 100 Mile Tortoises, 100 Mile Hares, 50 Miler

As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. If you would like to add your name to the list, use the green "Register" button on this page.

Waitlist Applicants

136 Applicants
Order  HomeRank
1    Edward Geddes Denver, CO51.4%
2    Joseph Wright Centennial, CO52.3%
3    Dave Janosko Mentor, OH57.6%
4    Ben Fields DENVER, CO70.7%
5    Andrew Humes San Francisco, CA 
6  photo Rick Scott Castle Rock, CO86.2%
7  photo Russell Ditsworth Castle Rock, CO73.5%
8    Cassidy Rehwaldt Olympia, WA57.8%
9  photo Anna Yurchenko Shorewood, MN76.8%
10    Kelly Kissling Steamboat Springs, CO 
11    Sean Doran Steamboat Springs, CO64.7%
12    Jane Sindell Phippsburg, CO62.8%
13    Craig Berberich Denver, CO 
14  photo Kelly Stevenson Highlands Ranch, CO72.8%
15  photo Marcel Casado Longmont, CO66.4%
16    Michael Bolt Denver, CO80.0%
17    Lee Jarvis Great Britain92.0%
18    Carissa Maryott Divide, CO77.2%
19    Ben Glassmeyer Steamboat Springs, CO76.0%
20    Keith Hayes Lakewood, CO73.1%
21  photo Kris Ingols Hayden, CO67.9%
22    Glenn Stotts Austin, TX58.1%
23  photo Erin Gesell Oak Creek, CO74.7%
24    Dayn Hardie Condon, OR72.2%
25    Michele Hazut Goodyear, AZ47.4%
26    Jared Hayden Steamboat Springs, CO55.0%
27    Grant Smith Edwards, CO 
28    Evangelin Berning Victor, ID79.6%
29    Mark Wilcox Thornton, CO74.6%
30    Katie Hendrickson Wheat Ridge, CO64.1%
31    Bryan Smith Denver, CO60.6%
32    Dillon Gotshall Oak Creek, CO88.2%
33    Tim Widmer Steamboat springs, CO 
34  photo Elisabeth Boersma Steamboat Springs, CO77.4%
35    Ryan Courson JACKSONVILLE, FL69.9%
36    Devan Bentley Colorado Springs, CO66.3%
37    Kevin Silsby Colorado Springs, CO64.9%
38    Heather Conley Lakewood, CO77.6%
39    Doug Compton Glen Gardner, NJ 
40    Isabella Franz Boulder, CO99.3%
41    Ryan Sullivan Grand Junction, CO92.5%
42    David Rhodes Steamboat Springs, CO64.3%
43    Kristin Colonna Golden, CO 
44    Jaci Dick Lakewood, CO83.5%
45    David Jackson San Leandro, CA50.1%
46    Kevin Gallagher CHICAGO, IL 
47    Brendan Dillon Lafayette, CO 
48    Theo Shipley Denver, CO80.4%
49    Marc Fichtner North Myrtle Beach, SC 
50  photo Benjamin Gilg Arvada, CO64.8%
51    Tristan Eastham Manitou Springs, CO85.5%
52    Howard Deberry Parma Heights, OH53.0%
53    Kalen Dear Westminster, CO 
54  photo Paul Maisel North Salt Lake, UT67.9%
55  photo Brian Pilger Colorado Springs, CO60.0%
56    Erin McLachlan San Jose, CA83.2%
57    Madeline Benson Golden, CO72.9%
58    Morgan Carpenter Laramie, WY74.5%
59    Aaron Squire Fort Collins, CO43.8%
60    Thomas Eftink Colorado Springs, CO62.0%
61    Joel Weber Austin, TX 
62    Meredythe Torrence Denver, CO85.9%
63    John Chai Lake Forest Park, WA 
64    David McKenna Fort Worth, TX 
65    Meghan Heneghan Golden, CO87.6%
66    Lindsay Wagner Durango, CO75.9%
67    Jeff Olson Steamboat Springs, CO66.7%
68  photo Tammy Felton Fort Collins, CO50.7%
69    Chris Denne Fort Collins, CO 
70    Kate Crosby Estes park, CO64.5%
71    Michael Rodgers Idaho Springs, CO 
72    Adam Rothberg Boulder, CO52.8%
73    Karen Rice Boulder, CO64.8%
74    Carlos Sierra Evans, CO 
75    Megan Gibson Madison, WI71.2%
76  photo Keegan Cox Orlando, FL60.0%
77  photo Brian Znotins Calgary, AB77.5%
78    Ryan Wolff flagstaff, AZ 
79    Michael Hobbs Tulsa, OK 
80    James English Austin, TX75.5%
81    Emilee Franco Los Angeles, CA 
82    Lindsey McDonald Flagstaff, AZ93.4%
83    Brad Dunn Superior, CO 
84    Natalie Raketic Steamboat Springs, CO 
85    Adam Paul Atlanta, GA66.1%
86    Mark Edwards Los Alamos, NM81.8%
87    April McAnly Eagle River, AK85.1%
88    Chris Clary WESTMINSTER, CO68.9%
89    Val Harrison Lafayette, CO72.1%
90    Kate Le Vasseur Denver, CO93.4%
91    Samantha Malavarca Boulder, CO74.5%
92    Shannon Bryan Boulder, CO 
93    Natalie Haas Staten island, NY 
94    Stephanie Einfeld Steamboat Springs, CO65.8%
95    Brittany McCullough Steamboat Springs, CO88.4%
96    Matthew McCullough Steamboat Springs, CO60.5%
97    Omar Alexandres Denver, CO 
98    Nathan Hoag Englewood, CO72.9%
99    Taylor Lane Mill Valley, CA 
100    Chris Bolyard Saint Louis, MO84.0%
101    Roberto Piedra Hurricane, UT89.5%
102    Michelle Hauger Fort Collins, CO62.4%
103  photo Jennifer Stringham Fort Collins, CO71.8%
104    Ellen Peterson Menomonie, WI 
105  photo Lauren Burgess Bozeman, MT75.7%
106    Julia Fisher Jackson, WY 
107    Nathan Huff Boulder, CO81.5%
108    Michael Moore Naples, FL61.3%
109    Emma Paras Denver, CO94.1%
110    Jenifer Marks Denver, CO77.6%
111    Joanne Workman Lewis Center, OH99.4%
112    Scott Spillman Denver, CO91.4%
113    Michael Gough Chicago, IL 
114    Beth Curtis Broomfield, CO61.3%
115    Brook Santangelo Denver, CO75.0%
116    Rylan Macvey Denver, CO 
117    Blake Case Midland, TX 
118  photo Michael Hinterberg Loveland, CO84.9%
119    Kasey Sutherlin Moab, UT100.0%
120    Claire McCabe Golden, CO71.0%
121    Jason Nupp Golden, CO64.3%
122    Lawrence Maggitti Boulder, CO50.0%
123    Geoffrey Chiapella Denver, CO79.5%
124    Austin Nix Garland, TX82.8%
125    Deepak Udharamaney India 
126  photo Garett Seeba Houston, TX80.9%
127    John Clark Fort Collins, CO 
128    Shannon Fonger Steamboat Springs, CO79.0%
129  photo Adam Merry Golden, CO89.2%
130    Benjamin Lantow Denver, CO 
131    Blake Smith Bat Cave, NC75.7%
132    Ashley Miller Chassell, MI 
133    Bill Nictakis Paradise Valley, AZ60.9%
134    Gaby Castillo Salt Lake City, UT65.3%
135    Fergus Scott Denver, CO59.6%
136  photo Kay Borleis Boulder, CO84.1%