Saturday, Jul 10, 2021

Siskiyou Out Back Running Festival

Ashland, OR 100K, 50 Miler, 50K, 15K

As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. Waitlist registration is now closed, please join us next year.

Waiting for participant to respond


2 Pending Applicants
50K Holly Gillham Roseburg, ORJun 19
50K Taylor Cropper Medford, ORJun 21

Waitlist Applicants

42 Applicants
Order  HomeRank
1  photo Joel Dippold Portland, OR65.7%
2    Roger Bailey Eugene, OR59.0%
3    Tyler Alexander Gold Hill, OR 
4    Anthony Grieve Central Point, OR 
5    Ken Willumsen Ashland, OR70.5%
6    Michelle Boisvert Portland, OR67.2%
7    Dean Westberry Portland, OR72.5%
8  photo Erika Hanselman Green Albany, OR76.1%
9    Dan Brundage Hamlin, NY61.7%
10    Philip Brundage Portland, OR75.1%
11    Sarah Brundage Hamlin, NY 
12  photo Kelly Teresi Sacramento, CA61.9%
13    Becca Loman San Francisco, CA94.8%
14    Yu Kuwabara Ashland, OR80.9%
15  photo Elizabeth Abbott Bremerton, WA67.1%
16    Michelle Martinez Ventura, CA81.1%
17  photo Annie Behrend Central Point, OR78.3%
18    Steve Sears Simi Valley, CA49.4%
19    Amy Lim Salt Lake City, UT79.4%
20    Brian Rannie WEAVERVILLE, NC 
21    Scott M Rodriguez Mt Shasta, CA 
22    Mindy Robinson Medford, OR76.3%
23    Dylan Alexander Ashland, OR98.5%
24    Sara Moore Mckinleyville, CA69.6%
25  photo Sequoya Russ Mckinleyville, CA71.1%
26    Iris Ward Mckinleyville, CA75.7%
27    Anna Olsen Bend, OR75.3%
28  photo James Oliphant Corvallis, OR59.9%
29    Jacob Colbert Redding, CA72.8%
30    Bethany Brown Salem, UT81.9%
31    Walter Brown Salem, UT75.5%
32    William Weaver Bend, OR48.2%
33    Christopher King Eugene, OR 
34    Randy Muntz Bend, OR53.0%
35    Eric Sugarman Fuquay Varina, NC 
36    Heidi Rounds Paradise, CA85.2%
37    Becky Hacker Ashland, OR84.2%
38    Patrick Stevens Eugene, OR73.1%
39  photo Alejandro Ashe Virgin Islands (U.S.)65.2%
40    Brian Evans Bend, OR69.8%
41  photo Ken Hoffman Redding, CA62.6%
42    Andy Shannon Medford, OR74.8%