July 29 - 30, 2022

Never Summer 100km

Gould, CO 100K, 60K

100K | 60K

As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. If you would like to add your name to the list, use the green "Register" button on this page.

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2 Pending Applicants
100K Christopher Patiño Boulder, COMay 10
100K Neal Wight Mancos, COMay 17

Waitlist Applicants

73 Applicants
Order  HomeRank
1    Peter Hensley Boulder, CO72.6%
2    Kehr Davis Pittsfield, MA97.0%
3  photo Eric Fortner McKinney, TX70.5%
4    Emily Caldwell Boulder, CO89.8%
5    Jimmy Rex Steamboat springs, CO81.7%
6  photo Sam Wingender Warsaw, MO32.8%
7    Isaac Mousel Denver, CO69.9%
8    Matthew Huerta Fort Collins, CO66.4%
9    Ron Martinez Corpus Christi, TX49.7%
10    Dustin Hornor Kansas City, KS73.1%
11  photo Christian Arguello Boulder, CO84.9%
12    Fiona Lu Allen, TX64.3%
13    Pam Pham Murphy, TX62.5%
14    Juliette Benedetto Virginia Beach, VA 
15    Rachel Tracy Fort Collins, CO79.2%
16    Laurie Jellison Evergreen, CO71.5%
17    Andrew Cockrell La Verkin, UT77.1%
18    Rusty Taylor Littleton, CO64.7%
19    Justin Heller Arlington Heights, IL63.7%
20    Jessica Terrizzicaldwell breckenridge, CO55.9%
21    Benjamin Brones bothell, WA60.2%
22    Dave Duffy Fort Collins, CO84.3%
23    Ben Eysenbach Pittsburgh, PA92.4%
24    Colleen Ihnken Frisco, CO76.3%
25    Kendra Sweenhart Bailey, CO97.6%
26    Roel Gonzalez San Antonio, TX64.3%
27    Dmytro Sokolovskyy Moorpark, CA71.1%
28    Connor Cole Carmel, CA69.5%
29  photo David Lee Yorba Linda, CA67.2%
30    Matthew Poynor Boulder, CO59.0%
31    Devon Petersen Rico, CO72.6%
32    Matthew Compton Temecula, CA73.4%
33  photo Caroline Veltri Baker Boulder, CO87.9%
34    Christopher Root Deer Park, OH56.5%
35    Frank Bowman Silverthorne, CO62.7%
36  photo Todd Hlasney Overland Park, KS66.3%
37    Collin Jergenson Minneapolis, MN 
38    Franklin Perez Panama 
39  photo Stacey Shaver-Matson North Little Rock, AR83.9%
40  photo Parker Halcomb Boulder, CO81.2%
41    Martin Almazan Vail, CO70.9%
42    Kevin Wheat Highlands Ranch, CO60.3%
43    Jordyn Milbrath Longmont, CO69.3%
44  photo Scott Lehman Winnetka, IL62.2%
45    Jenny Smith Aurora, CO65.9%
46  photo Matt Elam Boulder, CO74.5%
47    Andrea Carter Saint George, KS91.1%
48  photo Brunza Labore Eaton, CO63.0%
49    Celeste Snediker Lafayette, CO55.8%
50  photo Eric Durrett Colorado Springs, CO49.1%
51    Mario Castaneda Boulder, CO68.0%
52    Jonathan Cienski Highlands Ranch, CO59.9%
53    Erika Snyder Boulder, CO67.6%
54    Holli Dobay Granger, IN 
55    Tony Golobic Fort Collins, CO47.6%
56    Jacob Halstrom Fort Collins, CO84.8%
57    Valerie Richard New York, NY 
58    Yung Hae Cho Bend, OR76.1%
59    James Brockmoller Beach, ND 
60    John Klees Grand Rapids, MI69.6%
61    Brandon Johanns Crested Butte, CO79.4%
62  photo Rhett Smith McKinney, TX58.6%
63  photo David Regan Longmont, CO74.3%
64    Alex Rust aurora, CO80.7%
65    Lauren Puretz Colorado Springs, CO92.7%
66  photo Tara Carter Fort Collins, CO78.9%
67    John Clark Fort Collins, CO 
68    Nathan Epperson Fort Collins, CO60.8%
69    Agnieszka Perry Evergreen, CO64.5%
70    Monica Scheiman Severence, CO83.7%
71    Taylor Pfohl Arvada, CO70.6%
72    Siqi Wu Ann Arbor, MI75.9%
73    Joanna Waldo Bethesda, MD74.5%