Saturday, May 20, 2023

Beasts OCR: TrailMix 2023

530 Wynoochee Valley Rd, Montesano, WA 98563

Montesano, WA 5K, InfinityK - Running Div., TrailMix InfinityK - Hybrid Athlete Division

This Event Took Place Sat. May 20, 2023

Welcome to the brand new Beasts OCR: TrailMix 2023!

TrailMix is three events in one on Saturday, May 20th 2023 in the beautiful valleys and foothills of the Washington Olympic Mountains in Montesano, WA;

TrailMix - 5K - 9am
TrailMix InfinityK - Running Division - 8am-6pm
TrailMix InfinityK - Hybrid Athlete Division - 8am-6pm

The TrialMix 5K is a 5K loop for time, with very technical forest, hill, slope, descent, field and wee bog running. The top five overall fastest runners will receive special awards!

The TrailMix InfinityK - Running Division is a 10 hour, as many kilometer loops as you can run on a slightly longer course with more difficult terrain. You are allowed a pit and or pit crew that can assist you in-between laps (but not on course in any way). The top five overall confirmed farthest distances run will receive special awards!

The TrailMix InfinityK - Hybrid Athlete Division has the same course, 10 hour period and pit crew allotment as the running division, but for athletes looking for a tougher challenge! This division incorporates a mandatory albeit small gear list as athletes can expect to be rucking, running, moving weight, objects, some small obstacles and able to pick up several bonus challenges. Unlike the Running Division, laps and optional challenges that you pick as you choose to earn you points, top five overall points athletes will receive special awards! Gear list will post 5/1/23 with the athlete guide.

Special awards for the top 5 overall finishers in the 5k, Running Divisions and Hybrid Athlete Divisions.

Awards Ceremonies;
TrailMix - 5K - 11am
TrailMix - Running Division - 7pm
TrailMix - Hybrid Athlete Division - 7pm

Camping is available with pre-notice through registration. Please designate whether you will be coming Friday night pre-race, Saturday night post-race or both nights. Campers can arrive up to 630 pm Friday night and need to vacate by 9am Sunday Morning. No athletes on the venue after 930am Sunday.

Special thank you to GHUndersUSA and the Winkelman family for helping us put this on!

Of the net proceeds, 75% will be donated back to local non-profits, our charities that will each receive 25% of the net proceeds are;;

Charity 1 - Trailkeepers of Oregon!
Charity 2 - Idaho Trails Association!
Charity 3 - Washington Trails Association!

More to come, follow us on social media as we release more details!

Event's current local time: 12:11 PM PT


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