Sunday, May 28, 2023 @ 8:00 AM

Trail Prom

1254 Highland Park Rd

Fabius, NY Team Trail Race

This Event Took Place Sun. May 28, 2023


Trail Prom is now open to single entrants!!! So, if you'd like to come to Trail Prom as a stag, we got you covered and you are welcome! Even without a trail prom date, you'll still be entered and included in the tournament format.

I'll work to pair single registrations together by race morning but if we have an odd number of registrations, here's how it'll work:

As a single FEMALE entrant, your "teammates" time will be represented by averaging the male times in that specific round.

As a single MALE entrant, your "teammates" time will be represented by averaging the female times in that specific round.

Race Information

Trail Prom is a unique race format with a unique theme. It combines an elimination-style tournament format, co-ed teams, and trail running into a fun and exciting way to get in some trail miles!

Runners will all start together on a marked course through the woods as they finish the prescribed distance, individual times will be recorded and added to their teammates' time in order to determine which teams advance to the next round. The lowest combined team times will advance!

There will be an Aid Station at the start/finish area for drop bags and the usual ultra snacks and post race meal.

The Madness Elimination Trail is a USATF insured event.

Round Info

Round 1 = 8 miles (2 x 4-mile course)
Round 2 = 6 miles (2 x 3-mile course)
Round 3 = 6 miles (2 x 3-mile course)

All runners will start Round 1 and run 2 laps of a 4-mile course for a total of 8 miles. As runners come through the finish line, their times will be recorded and then added to their teammates time. The teams with the lowest combined team time will advance to Rd 2.

There will be about a 15-20 minute break between each round to determine the advancing teams.

Round 2 teams will start running on a (different) 3-mile course, which they'll do 2 laps of. As in the first round, individual times will be recorded and added to their teammates time as they finish. The fastest combined team times will then advance to the final round.

There will again be a 15-20 minute break between rounds 2 and 3 to tabulate times.

Round 3 will start with all advancing teams beginning at the same time and running the same course as Round 2. It'll consist of 2 laps of the 3-mile course and the team with the fastest combined time in the 3rd Round will be crowned Trail Prom winners!

Other stuff....

A few other notes about this race.

1. There are awards for the top 3 teams, with the winning team earning the right to keep the cup for the year! The winning team will also win the right to pick their post-race meal. In 2022, the winners selected from the following freshly cooked menu:

- Grilled Mushroom
- Roasted Veggies
- Potatoes

- Filet Mignon
- Grilled Asparagus
- Potatoes

2. It wouldn't be a trail race without a proper aid station, so the requisite trail/ultra snacks will be available at the Start/Finish area.

3. Fun and support must be had....standing rule for trail and ultra events!

Event's current local time: 10:15 AM ET


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