Saturday, Jun 3, 2023 @ 8:00 AM

Mace’s Hideout 100

9112 Pueblo Mountain Park Rd

Beulah, CO Maces Hideout 50 , 100 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 3, 2023

Tempest Adventures Triple Crown

The Tempest Adventures Triple Crown includes:

  1. Mace's Hideout 100 6/01/24
  2. Creede 100 7/27/24
  3. Rio Grande 100 8/24/24


Mace’s Hideout 100 is as beautiful as it is tough. The Wet Mountains of Colorado are a hidden gem set amongst giants. One of the older ranges in Colorado, the Wet Mountains are a sub-range of the more sought after Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Yet within this small range, you will find a land that has a personality as large as the mountains around it and unique characteristics that vary around every turn.

As you wind your way up one side of the range and down the other, it will seem as if you’ve travelled from one world to another. You will experience vastly distinct and different ecosystems, environments and climates. As the name suggests, the east side of the mountains are wet and will treat you to towering firs, spruces and lodgepole pines covered in moss. As you gain altitude, you will experience peaceful alpine meadows with the sounds of aspen leaves dancing in the wind, lush green vegetation and flowers at your feet. But don’t let the name Wet Mountains fool you, for that’s just half the truth. Once you start down the west side towards the Wet Mountain Valley you will notice a stark change. Pinon pines, junipers and ponderosa spot the sparsely forested landscape and the soil becomes arid and dry. Yuca, cactus and sagebrush take over for vegetation. The air becomes hot and dry and the sun is relentless, but the beauty of the Spanish Peaks to the south and the Sangre de Cristo mountains standing tall to the west makes it all worth it. And as the sun makes its way behind the towering giants and the temperatures begin to fall, a whole new world will emerge in the dark skies above you.


Distance: 101 Miles
High Point: 11,659 ft
Low Point: 6,608 ft
Average Elevation: 9,058 ft
Total Elevation Gain: 22,500 ft
Cut Off: 36 hours

Event's current local time: 3:48 PM MT


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