Saturday, Jun 17, 2023 @ 6:00 AM

Toxic Trail 37

US Route 441 / US 98 (Cross Section)

Canal Point, FL 37 Miler, 37 Mile 4 Person Relay, 6 Person Relay, 2 Person Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 17, 2023

Where and Why

This is a road race. The "Trail" is the flow of "Toxic" water from the locks to the Ocean. This race is HOT. Its June in South Florida. Be prepared. Its supposed to be hard. We happy to still be able to have an option to shuttle solo UNCREWED runners to the start. Select option when registering.

We will be running from Port Mayaca to Stuart Beach, approx 37 miles. We want to continue to bring awareness to the trail of discharge that flows from Lake Okeechobee to the the ocean through Palm City, Stuart, and surrounding areas. This happens each time the locks are opened to release water from the lake, over-saturated with phosphates and other chemicals, into the St. Lucie River via the C-44 canal! This must stop. Science is in agreement on the solution. It needs to be expedited. We encourage all runners, walkers, bikes, and support along the way. Our vision is a trail of people along the road with signs and banners. We must keep the momentum up for our community, our water, and our way of life.


Race Details

First 20 miles are cool, quiet and serine, while running against traffic in the "Country." Miles 23 - 33 HEAT up and are in the Hustle and Bustle of Stuart Fl. You will follow signs and cross busy Highways according to traffic laws. The last 3-4 miles are the reward! Double Bridge Finish (you're welcome) with Atlantic Ocean views. Finish Line is on the beach! PER TRADITION, EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO STAY FOR A GROUP PHOTO IN THE OCEAN. Finish Line party in the works hopefully.

Solo Runners are HIGHLY encouraged to use a CREW. We will have aid station approximately every 5 - 7 miles (exact locations will be emailed before the race). But, always as in any Ultra, be self reliant and plan for things to go wrong. Have strategy to work beyond adversity. This is is a point to point race. Its gets spread out considerably.

UNCREWED runners will be asked about qualifications. It is 37 miles but it WILL be over 100 degree heat index. Although we have a shuttle to the start, UNCREWED runners need to understand if they decide to stop it could be hours till some is able to pick you up.

Relay Runners - We needed to create a single category for Relay Teams. Teams of "up to" 6 runners are required. Runner change every 2 miles or more.

The course is set, same as always. Crew vehicle are required to move all the way off the road with hazard on (only while parked) with traffic. Runners cross the road to car. More details about aid being pinned down.

Email with questions. Updates will be coming.

WE WILL HAVE A POLICE PRESENCE ON THE HIGHWAY. Control and caution is required when crossing to crew vehicles. This is a fundraiser not income. If this race gets shut down the community, kids, and the river lose. As alsways, details to follow via email after registration.

Event's current local time: 6:44 AM ET


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