Saturday, Aug 5, 2023

H9 Dragon

Vogel State Park

Blairsville, GA 50 Miler, Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 5, 2023

Registration Status

Sign-up is open. Don't wait until the the last minute! Yeap, I know you will be emailing me!! :-)

Still not inflation

The entry fee for this run is intended to cover the cost of award metal, t-shirt, site rental, and food. There was a bit of a jump in the entry fee this year to cover cost. We do our best to keep the budget reasonable with store brand snacks. Ummmm, yummmy!

The Dragon's Spine

Yeah, you know the deal. If you know what this means, then sign up. If you don't then you probably should not.

H9 Dragon

Some new naming has been added this year to allow for multiple events under the H9 trail club. If there is interest we may consider an additional fat-ass style event - or maybe not. The traditional H9 event has been renamed to H9 Dragon to make things confusing (because the course has gotten far too easy). It is still the same stroll along the Duncan Ridge, but now you have to jump through more administrative and marketing hurdles before you arrive at Vogel. For those of us working for the government, we are always ready to help - or maybe not.


You must be a H9 trail club member to participate. This is a non-profit club event and we abide by FS rules for use of the Duncan Ridge area. So that means you have to sign-up as a member to run (at this page). Sorry about the two step process but the complexities of webforms and databases mean that membership needs to be separate from event participation in order to manage results by event and allow multiple events within the club. The costs for sign-up for the marathon or 50M are basically a pass through of costs to you. Logistical support (food, drinks, equipment rental, site rentals), t-shirt, and finisher medal are included in the day-use fee (also known as a participation fee). The finisher medals are fab'ed in local machine shop and because they are stainless steel and laser cut they are kind of pricey. However, the medals are really cool and worth every penny.

Event's current local time: 8:39 PM ET


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