Saturday, Oct 14, 2023

Devil's Toll Race

Middle Brook

Middle Brook, MO 1/2 Mar. Run, 1/2 Mar. Hike, 2 PER 13.1M Run, 2 PER 13.1M Hike

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 14, 2023

Event Details

The Devil’s Toll Gate Race is a 13-mile dual discipline event across one of the most scenic and rugged landscapes Missouri’s Ozark Trail has to offer. The event traverses from the highest point in Missouri, Taum Sauk Mountain down past the beautiful Mina Sauk falls and thru the rock formation known as the Devils’ Toll Gate before again climbing over and around Proffit and Wildcat Mountains with a tricky descent past the famous Scour of Taum Sauk reservoir, finishing with an amazing Black river crossing at Johnson Shut-ins State Park.

What makes this more intriguing is the team style concept! This event will have 2 options: Participants can opt for the running version or the hiking version. You will have the options to participate as part of a male, female, or coed running team OR partake as a male, female or coed hiking team. The event will be capped at 300 participants.

Runners prepare to engage in a rough and rugged portion of Ozark Trail where 1,400’ of elevation over 13ish miles may seem like a cake walk, but fear not there is enough rock to keep you rolling, enough hills to keep you panting, a few turns to keep you thinking and when rhythm comes to your stride prepare to lose it again as the rocky and technical terrain will let you know that won’t be happening often!

Hikers prepare once again for a gorgeous hike with some of the most amazing vistas, history and flora/fauna galore. We take you thru the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in an attempt to really put you “out there”

There is limited cell service in this region. On-course communications will be spotty at best

A rain date may be looked at should extreme weather cause the event to be postponed

Race Rules/Requirements/Tips

All participant must be at least 16 years of age on race day.
Teams of 2 runners/hikers
No pets allowed in race
Create a team name and/or sponsor
The first team in each division to finish together is crowned victor of that particular division
Hikers must remain at hiking speed up to brisk walk but not including running strides. Solo Runners or Hikers are eligible to participate as well. The first runner/hiker in both male and female division to finish will be crowned victor but the beauty of the trail, the ease of the shuttles, the swag, and the finish festivities are open to all
Teams will compete along the same course marked in a red blaze the initial mile before following the traditional OT blazes the remaining duration. There will be occasional directionals at bigger intersections on course
Official times begin when teams begin at upper Taum Sauk parking lot and end upon crossing the finish line at Johnson Shut-ins SP.
Teams must finish together to count in placement, otherwise the team time is calculated upon arrival of 2nd person..
We practice and require everyone to practice in “No Trace left behind” policy while using the trails
Please engage in fair play and safe practices while keeping the spirit of competition in mind, should there be complaints of unsportsmanlike happenings it may be investigated by race officials and/or the OTA

This is a rugged and remote area of wilderness and the following are a few suggested items to carry while on course:
Bug spray
Strong trail running shoes highly encouraged
Strong hiking shoes/boots with tread also highly encouraged
Trekking poles and hiking sticks can be used
Food and electrolyte drinks encouraged
1L or more of water either in hydration pack/belt or handhelds
Water will not be supplied on course in the form of aid stations
Lifestraw can be used with several creek options

The concept of this event is minimalist in nature and is a fundraiser for the Ozark Trail Association. We expect anyone participating in this event to understand that this is potentially the toughest course around and support will be minimal by race officials. This means it is a self-supported race and carrying the proper water/nutrition with you to complete the race is key to having a great experience! We will work to have volunteers sweeping the course throughout the day but no guarantee. .
No Refunds of registration fees, deferrals or transfers. Thanks for your support of the OTA!

Packet Pickup/Shuttles/Times

We will be at the gravel lot at the entrance to Johnson Shut Ins campground on Friday October 13th 5pm-8pm
Race day Packet Pickup will begin Oct. 14th at 5:45a-6:45a for Hiking Race and 7:30a-8:30a for Run Race at the Johnson Shut Ins Visitor Center, which is also where shuttles will be loaded.
Hike Race(team/solo) Shuttles leave promptly at 7am
Race begins at 8am

Run Race(team/solo)
Shuttles leave promptly at 9am
Race begins at 10am

Cutoff for all races 4pm (8 hours for hikers/ 6 hours for runners) course sweepers will trail the event to be sure all participants are off course.

We are not mandating but encouraging participants to utilize shuttles BUT if you and your teammate choose to leave a car at the finish and drive yourselves to the start you must still start at the specified timeframe of your specified race.

COVID precautions will be determined as the event gets closer and will be based on the climate of the pandemic at that time.


We recommend using the Johnson's Shut-Ins Camping options if you are looking to camp for the weekend. We are offering a group campsite option as an add on to register. It is $2 per person per night offered for Friday and/or Saturday nights. Space is limited to register and add early!

Awards and Swag

BOCO Beanies
Register by Aug 27th to guarantee you get one!

The Purpose

All Devil’s Toll Race proceeds benefit the Ozark Trail Association (OTA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, whose mission is to develop, maintain, preserve, promote, and protect the rugged, natural beauty of the Ozark Trail, a 400+ mile National Recreation Trail.

The OTA is the only nonprofit volunteer group that’s specific mission is to take care of the Ozark Trail. The organization was incorporated and held its first construction outing in December 2002. Today, the OTA is recognized as the premier backcountry trail organization in the state of Missouri and the Ozark Trail is one of the 20 longest backcountry trails in the country.
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