Saturday, Oct 7, 2023

Heavens Gate Marathon and Half Marathon

543 Rapid River Road

Riggins, ID Marathon, Half Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 7, 2023

Cancelled Event

Dear Heavens Gate Runners,

I have bad news.  I am injured and I must cancel the race for 2023.  I am so very sorry.

I am writing checks and sending them out to you immediately, sent to the addresses on file from your entries.  I am refunding you in full.  This means the portion of the entry fees that I received, as well as refunding the taxes and Ultrasignup fees out of my pocket.   Half Marathoners will receive $82.58 and Full Marathoners will receive $111.00.  

I have a heel spur injury that ironocally started while working on 2022's Heavens Gate races.  This fall it got worse and while putting on IMTUF100 a few weeks ago it got to where I was limping badly as I marked all 100+ miles.  I had been treating it with NSAIDS, but that has caused me a nasty stomach ulcer and now I have near constant nausea.  I currently have no way to treat my heel and I am in pain 24/7.  No more muddling through.  I must rest it and possibly consider surgery.

I am unwilling to put on a subpar race where I am not involved in every aspect of marking and working the course.  Becasue of the wild and technical terrain, this is a safety issue and I can not pass along these tasks to another.  Putting on these races is an endurance event for us, just the same as for you.  Just as in racing, you must take a loss and live to fight another day.

For 2024, because of a construction project at Rapid River Hatchery, we will be looking at a possible Spring race, taking place before the construction begins.  We are working on the details with the US Forest Service now.  In the works will be perhaps Idaho's (only?) Vertical K race, a shorter loop race and the classic long loop that Heavens Gate is known for.

I beg that you runners do not lose trust in Brandi and I going forward.  We push hard and do everything we can to make big races happen.  But, we are human and we have to recognize our mortality sometimes. 
Jeremy Humphrey

Welcome to the Seven Devils of Idaho!

Marathon and Half Marathon courses. Count on the most beautiful and pristine canyon trails you have ever seen and giant vertical gain once out of the canyon bottom. Launch into the open country alpine realm of Cannonball Mountain and the Marathon continuing on to the most iconic fire lookout in Idaho, Heavens Gate Lookout, peering 7000' down into Hells Canyon Wilderness to the Snake River. Few races on earth match the vertical relief, jaw dropping views, abundant wildlife and unforgettable mountain running terrain. I have planned this race for 10 years. Come get it!

Policies, warnings, etc. Visit our website for more info. This is a very serious mountain race with more climbing than most 50-100 mile races. There is actually plenty of flat to rolling terrain, which means the actual hills are even steeper than it sounds. Be ready for real mountain racing!

Read our refund and cancellation policy. Join our IMTUF100 Facebook group page for discussion.

Jer and Brandi

Event's current local time: 6:54 AM MT


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