Saturday, Aug 26, 2023 @ 7:00 AM
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East Fork returns with new distances: 100 mi, 15 mi plus 100K and 50K

East Fork races are back for the second year. Welcome to our partner Tri State Running Company! This time we are adding two new distances: 100 miles and 15 miles in addition to 100K and 50K. These are the only 100 mi and 100K races in the Southwest Ohio area, don't miss out! The course will travel counterclockwise on beautiful and challenging trails around the William H. Harsha Lake in East Fork State Park. The entire loop is 33-ish miles, so runners will do three loops for the 100 miles, two for the 100K, and one for the 50K. The 15 mile course is an out and back on beautiful rolling trails (to the first Manned AS and back). The course will follow some mountain bike trails, hiking trails, a tiny bit of park road and a fair amount of the Steve Newman Worldwalker Perimeter trail. In August most of the trails should be fairly dry but you will cross several creeks, giving you a chance to cool off (they will feel amazing in August)! Throughout your journey you will experience some beautiful lake views, glorious single track trails, a waterfall in a beautiful pine forest area, an open field and some refreshing creek crossings. This is an experience you don’t want to miss!


100 mi - 40 HOUR CUTOFF TO COMPLETE 100 MILE RACE (11 PM on Sunday August 25)! We want you to succeed!
-12 hours to complete first loop (7 pm on Saturday)
-13 hours to complete second loop (8 am on Sunday)
-15 hours to complete third loop (11 pm on Sunday)
Additionally there is a hard cutoff at the Nature Center Aid Station on the third loop (87.8 mi) at 35 hours (6 pm)

100K - 40 hour cutoff
-18 hours to complete first loop (1 am Sunday)
-22 hours to complete second loop (11 pm Sunday)
Additionally there is a hard cutoff at the Nature Center Aid Station (54.1 mile mark) for 100K runners at 35 hours (6 pm)

50K - There is a 40 hour cutoff to complete 50K.
15 Miler - There is a 12 hour cut off to complete 15 mi (8 pm Saturday). Cutoffs are for your safety and for safety of your volunteers and to obey park rules and our permits. You must LEAVE the aid station before the cutoff. Please respect the cutoffs and listen to race officials and volunteers.

Aid Stations and Distances

Our course runs a little long. More fun! No worries, the 40 hour cutoff allows most runners to complete the course as long as they are moving forward with purpose. The course is a rolling course. There are no significant climbs, but lots of smaller rollers that can be taxing. There are gorgeous views of the lake, beautiful wooded areas, and meadows that, although flat, can be hard in the open sun. There is also some running on the shoulder of the park road, but majority of the course is on the trails.
50K is roughly 33.7 miles and 100K is about 67.4 miles. Just one extra mile for 100 mile distance (101.1 mi).



1. Main Aid Station Start/Finish Mile 0/ 33.7 /67.4/ 101.1 miles
- GPS coordinates: 39.012294, -84.133044
- Crews allowed for 100mi and 100K runners

2. UnManned Water Station
Clover Road Trail- Mile 3.0 / 36.7 / 70.4
- No crew access
- Water only

3. Reisinger Boat Ramp - Mile 7.3 / 41 / 74.7
GPS 38.998878, -84.090687
- Fully manned AS
- Turn around point for 15 mi runners
- Crew and Pacer access
- Pit toilets

4. Twin Bridges - Mile 13.2 / 46.9/ 80.6
GPS: 39.021363, -84.084148
- Fully manned AS
- Crew access for 100K and 100mi runners on 2nd and 3rd loops only
- Limited Parking

5. East Fork Nature Center Shelter - Mile 20.4 / 54.1/ 87.8
GPS: 39.039524, -84.096980
- Fully manned AS
- No crew access
- Pacers allowed but must be dropped off
- Drop bags
- Bathrooms close by
- Hard cutoff: 4 pm for the last loop

6. RC Shelter -Mile 26.6 / 60.3/ 94
GPS: 39.026489, -84.157074
- Fully manned AS
- Crew access for 100K and 100mi runners on 2nd and 3rd loops only
- Limited Parking

7. Unmanned Water Station
Mountain Bike South Trail Head - Mile 30.4 /64.1/97.8
GPS: 39.006651, -84.142046
-Water only, no crew access.

Cupless Race and Mandatory Gear

Our event is a cupless race. Please carry your bottles/bladder with you at all times. Also please carry a reusable cup for other drinks at Aid Station (Coke, Ginger Ale etc). Cups will be provided for hot liquids. There will be a limited number of reusable hard plastic cups at Aid Stations (these cups must stay at the AS and will be cleaned/disinfected between uses).
August in Ohio can be very hot and humid. Please be mindful and hydrate, and carry enough liquids with you between aid stations.
Required gear:
-headlamp/waist light with spare batteries/battery pack
-cell phone
- container for at least 1 liter of liquid
- emergency poncho/rain jacket
Recommended gear:
-at least 250 extra calories (to be used in emergency)
-salt or salt tabs
-first aid kit including blister care items, small size bug spray, and sunscreen
-spare pair of socks to change after creek crossings
-ice hat or ice bandana in case of hot weather


Pacers are allowed for 100 mi and 100K runners starting with the second loop. One pacer per runner and pacers need to sign a waiver

Inclusion Statement

Runners of all races, ethnicities, and gender identities are welcome at Empower Ultras events and races. We are a women-owned and immigrant-owned company and inclusivity is very important to us. We encourage everyone, regardless of ability, age, body type, educational background, ethnicity, gender, gender expression/identity, nationality, political affiliation, race, religion, or any other demographic to participate in all our events. We support diverse groups through our donations. We are proud to offer Athletes With Disability divisions in our races. We are constantly learning and we encourage input into our efforts to improve diversity at our events.

Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will be at the start/finish area
Friday 8/23 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Saturday 8/24 5:30-6:30 am

rabbit swag deadline

Please register by June 30 to guarantee your rabbit swag (EZ pullover for 100 mi/100K and EZ short sleeve shirt for 50K/15 mi)

Swag and awards

All entrants will receive a high quality swag including rabbit gear.
100 mi and 100K runners will receive rabbit EZ pullovers
50K and 15 mi runners and hikers will receive rabbit short sleeve EZ shirts.
All finishers will receive a high quality finisher awards.
100 mi finishers will receive belt buckles.
Winners of 100 mi races (all genders as well as AWD division winners) will receive a free entry for next year!


There are no refunds

Event's current local time: 7:53 AM ET


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