Saturday, Nov 4, 2023 @ 5:00 AM

Tampa Bay 100

1500 E 5th Ave

Tampa, FL 100 Miler

Registration closes: Wed, Nov 1 @ 11:59 PM ET

The Tampa Bay 100

Welcome to the first-ever Tampa Bay 100! This a rare point-to-point ultramarathon opportunity, starting in Ybor and heading through Tampa out to Clearwater and ending in St. Petersburg jam packed full of best known and lesser-known sights to see in the Tampa Bay.

You'll be seeing the various murals, artworks, monuments, bridges, verdant parks, piers, historic buildings, and the beautiful skyline of skyscrapers as you make your way through Tampa into Clearwater and ending in St. Petersburg.

This is flat course, with some bridges for hills, and is an excellent choice for your first ultra or to tour the Tampa Bay! The course has roughly a net gain of 1,165 and a loss of 1,218!

Start: King Corona Cigars & Cafe
East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33695

Nearest Parking Lot: It's one block away.
Centro Ybor Parking Garage in Tampa
1500 E 5th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

Start Time: 5am

Pre-Race Bib Pick-Up: 3 Daughters Brewing from 7pm to 9:30pm
222 22nd St S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

Race Day Bib Pick-Up: Starts at 4:20am

Finish: Near the 11th Ave Pier at Vinoy Park! (It's the small one by the Beach Volleyball Courts)
Address: 1201 N Shore Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Cutoff: 36.5 Hours


Top Four Male & Female: Framed Tampa Bay 100 Posters.
Participates: Everyone will be given a Tampa Bay 100 "Mini Poster."
BUCKLES! 100 Miler finishers will earn a hand-made 100-mile belt buckle!
Stickers!: As always, we will have stickers for ya!
HATS! We’ve got some Tampa Bay 100 hats for all of y’all too!

Aid Stations

Aid Stations: Four, there will four dedicated locations with aid from snacks to lube. They will roughly 20 miles apart. Otherwise, it is recommended you have a crew. Other stops can be swinging by local food joints and gas stations! We will have a list of ideal locations! However, thanks to James Mathis and the Marion County Runs group... we will now have a fifth aid station! They'll be posted up at the Clearwater Brewing Company.

Aid Stations will be stocked with Soda, Pickles, Gummy Bears or Worm..idk one of those, Chips, M & Ms, PB & J,, Cookies, Produce, some brand of powder electro's. We will also provide band-aids and women hygiene products in a plastic box at all the Aid Stations.

Water and Gu Caches: We will have several "water caches" hidden in coolers for y'all between the aid stations. They will have water bottles, Liquid IV packets, and some Gu's!

You should still carry your own food, have it crewed for you, or buy it in stores, delis or restaurants you pass along the way. You will also pass by many park drinking fountains if you need extra water. This is part of the urban adventure and fun of an event like this. Keep in mind that many stores may close at night. Aid station staff will check you in, make sure you’re ok, help you with directions if needed and give you encouragement and support. You will still have to be somewhat self-reliant. Please only enter this race if you are prepared for that.

Drop Bags

We will have a drop bag zone around 60ish miles at Aid Station Three: Reddington Beach! So that will be the “you're over half-way” aid station spots of the course! Please do not use large bags or large coolers for drop bags.

Do not place keys or valuables in drop bags. You may not be able to get it back immediately when you finish. For keys and other valuables, please give these to your crew... or it can be placed in the Race Directors vehicle.


A "crew" is one or more people, working as a team, who are the runner’s primary source of support and encouragement throughout the race. It is possible to do this crewless by stopping at local joints and gas stations. But for the most part, runners will be 100% dependent on their crew. The crew can meet you at any point on the course, not only at aid stations.

Support vehicles cannot travel at the speed of the runner, you cannot “pace” while driving. The crew must leap-frog the runners and always drive at the posted speed limits and park in legally designated parking areas.

- The crew leap-frogs the runner in a dedicated support vehicle, meeting the runner every few miles at allowable locations along the route.
- Driving and parking, then refilling bottles, adding ice to bandanas, and whatever else the runner needs.
- Keeping an eye on the runner and making sure they are following the course directions.
- Keeps the runner on schedule with hydration, nutrition, and electrolytes.
- May include pacing the runner when allowed.

Essentially, when it comes to the crew, you'll be meeting your runners at various locations throughout the 100 miles! Runners may only sit in a crew person's car only if it remains parked. No runner may get into or onto a moving vehicle at any time during the race.

Vehicles must be parked completely off the road surface whenever they are stopped (with all four tires right of the white line). The doors on the left side of the vehicle must never be opened into the roadway, even momentarily.

Runners are responsible for both their own and their crew’s actions; crews are responsible for both their own and their runners' actions. Please be courteous to the volunteers and to the other runners. Also, you and your crews must be courteous and respectful of the neighborhoods you pass through. Do not make excessive noise or congregate in large groups in residential areas, especially at night. Be courteous to other park users, pedestrians, bike riders, and drivers. Try to avoid spreading out across the entire sidewalk or pathway. You are ambassadors and representatives of your sport.

Pacing and Pacers

The Pacer may join the runner AFTER the Courtney Campbell Causeway! Pacer may, and is encouraged, to help the runner navigate. Runners over the age of 60, or others needing special assistance, may have a pacer at any time.

Runners may switch pacers at any time, but they may only have one pacer at a time, no entourages. Pacers and crew can meet you at any point on the course, not only at aid stations. Pacers are very strongly recommended at night, or after the 70 mile point, especially for first-time 100-mile runners. This is for runner security, to prevent getting lost, and for safety in case a runner becomes ill or disoriented. Two or more registered runners may run the entire race together. Pacers will not be an absolute requirement, but are strongly recommended.

"Muling" i.e., having your pacer carry your water bottle or a portable phone charger for you is allowed.

Course Marking / Directions

Will be a mix of following directional cards and the route on the CalTopo App!

Also, runners may go off-course to visit a store, a bathroom, coffee shop, brewery, gas station, to go see the water or historical site, or the local deli. But they must leave and return to the point they left the course by foot (Not one of those rental scooters you'll see all over the city).

Course Details

Kicking off in the heart of Ybor City, Tampa, you all will be taken on the ultimate tour of Tampa Bay for 100 miles jam packed with the best sights in Tampa, Clearwater, and St Petersburg. The route itself begins with ~20 miles all around downtown Tampa and its surrounding neighborhoods, bringing you all by the best sights in the city such as the Tampa Theatre, Tampa Postcard, Bayshore Blvd, Riverwalk, 100s of murals in The Heights and through the city, Jose Marti Park (owned by Cuba / Cuban land in Ybor), Perry Harvey Park, Davis and Harbour Islands, Hyde Park, and Cypress Point!

From here you will hit our first dedicated aid station on the causeway before you run across beautiful Tampa Bay. Cutting over into Safety Harbor which combines beautiful bay views, a quaint downtown and the legendary Tocobaga Indian Mounds that protect us from hurricanes every year (Yes! Its legend is mostly real!). The route then takes you into Dunedin where there will be plenty of food options for runners and crew members, as well as the point where we pick up the Pinellas Trail briefly. The run then cuts down to the water, into downtown Clearwater, over the bridge into Clearwater beach (and if you timed it right, you’re here in time for a grouper sandwich and sunset). This is also the location for dedicated aid station #2. From here you have a 20 mile straight shot down to St Pete Beach, crossing the stunning sand key bridge and then passing through beach towns such as Madeira Beach, Reddington Shores, Treasure Island and John’s Pass, to name a few. (Note this is also where aid station #3 is).

The last section takes you back over the water and over into Gulfport to pass by the old Casino and cute shops and restaurants throughout this trendy, “hipster”, town (think “keep Gulfport Weird”). From there you will hit the PT again into downtown St Pete, at which point the St Pete portion of the 100-mile tour begins.

If you like murals, sports, piers and beautiful views, you’re definitely going to enjoy downtown St Pete! You will explore everywhere from the Dali Museum down to old Northeast and Coffeepot Bayou, which if you’re not familiar this is essentially St. Pete’s Bayshore. It’s where races of any distance are run (like the St Pete RunFest).

As for murals, you will see hundreds of murals running around downtown St Pete- there’s a reason this town is known on a global scale for their murals. Lastly for sports fans, you will go by the trop, Al Lang Stadium (Home of the Tampa Bay Rowdies), the “Lionheart” Dedication (Grand Prix Race) and even a plaque dedicated to Ondoro Osoro of Kenya. He set the 10-Mile World Record at the 1997 Southtrust Running Festival with a time of 45 Minutes and 37 Seconds.

The last part of the tour takes you down for a loop around the pier and back before ending in Vinoy Park. The pier of course has plenty of history along the way such as history on the many piers that it once was (million dollar pier, inverted pyramid pier)- there’s even a spot where you can still see the original pilons from the million dollar pier. And of course there is a statue of the Benoist plane in honor of Tony Jannus.

Once you leave the Pier Loop... you'll be heading into Vinnoy Park where you end at the 11th Ave Pier near the Beach Volleyball Courts! It's a nice little "beach" at the finish!

Course Map

Here's the course map, but just know... things might change. So before race day, if you download anything. Download the most recent map!


1. Road Running. Do NOT run in the roads. This is not a “road race,” this is a point-to-point 100 mile urban-ultra tour of the Tampa Bay. Please use all designated sidewalks, paths, trails, bike lanes, and areas designated for foot traffic.
2. Stopping Traffic. Do not stop traffic to cross any traffic light controlled crossing. This applies to runners, pacers, and crews. You must wait until the light turns green or it is safe to cross.
3. Jaywalking. This is the act of walking (or running) at crossing that has traffic with a designated crossing point.
4. Littering. Follow the Leave No Trace principle. This also includes leftovers from fruits like banana peels and orange rinds. You will pass by trash cans every so often, please use them.
5. This should be obvious, but don’t rent a scooter or bike… that’s clearly not walking or running.
6. Chickens! Leave them alone :) Chickens are allowed to roam freely throughout Ybor City thanks to a city of Tampa ordinance protecting them. These birds are living memorials to the founding and early days of Ybor City.! Leave let them be, please.
7. Note for the crews: Vehicles must be parked completely off the road surface whenever they are stopped (with all four tires right of the white line). Do not park illegally, use the proper and legal lots and lanes to park. The doors on the left side of the vehicle must also never be opened into the roadway, even momentarily.

Mandatory Things

All registered runners must carry the following items with them during the run.
1. Cell phone
2. Direction sheet, to be provided
3. At least one water bottle or hydration pack, minimum 20 oz
4. Headlight and something reflective for running at night
5. Download the CalTopo App on your phone, its free. You will be able to download the Tampa Bay 100 map on it... it will be a crucial guide for you outside of the directional cards.

Non-Mandatory Things, but good to have:
1. PORTABLE CHARGER FOR YOUR PHONE! I'm not saying you must have one, but it is highly recommended. You'll be snapping photos, checking the CalTopo app, and probably texting your friends and maybe secretly your ex. The phone is your lifeline. Please, please, please keep it charged. That is my first form of contact to reach you while you're on the course.
2. Cash; at least $25 in a zip-lock bag... sometimes may be helpful at gas stations.

Restrooms and Water

The route will pass by several commercial facilities like gas stations, convenience stores and the like at many points along its length, but there are long stretches where there is no commercial development. There will also be some areas where the population is more sparse, very few facilities stay open all night.

For bathrooms, if using a business' facilities, show support by buying something if possible. If told "No", please be polite.

Parking and Your Car

The Centro Ybor Parking Garage has a parking fee;

Mon-Sun - All day
1 Hour - $1.00
with Additional Hour $1.00

24 Hours - $9.00

Please pay for parking prior to coming to the start at the King Corona.

A little note on that, you might find it helpful to phone a friend, or have a crew member drive your car over to the finish while your running. Otherwise, someone MIGHT be able to drive you back to the garage, but that won't be guaranteed.

What is an Urban Ultra?

Urban Ultra's are courses that take place in an urban environment and incorporate travel by foot to explore elements of the city. Unlike typical trail races where the course is completely marked by flagging, in the urban setting you're typically following directional cards that will get you from point to point, road to road, and turn by turn.

Navigation can be hardest part for many at face value, however, aslong as you are paying attention to the details and following the course directions; you will have no problem staying on the course.

The goal of an urban ultra is exploring sides of the city that are often overlooked, it teaches you how to navigate the city while providing challenges focused on self-reliance, team building, and cultural experiences. Participants explore the rich cultural, historical, and natural environment of whatever city they’re in.

A Self Guided Endurance Tour, Not a Race

This event is considered an “Self-Guided Endurance Tour of the Tampa Bay.” As such it is not considered a competitive event but rather a life accomplishment. We will record finish times and award top finishers, but the accomplishment of the runner is in the experience of the run, not how fast you can finish it. The spirit of the event is captured in the journey.

Event's current local time: 1:24 PM ET

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