Friday, Oct 27, 2023 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Fri. Oct 27, 2023

About the race

100 mile Friday November 1st-7am-Haw Creek Falls
50 mile Saturday November 2nd-6am-Indian Creek TH
This run is extremely difficult.
The Ozark Highland's Trail is a national scenic trail marked with white blazes for the main trail and blue blazes for spurs. Do not count on flagging. It will be minimal if any. We are going to add more blazes and reflective tape to those blazes. But, do not register for this race if you are not comfortable being self sufficient and comfortable with navigation. Sometimes trees with markers fall and sometimes the fog is so thick you cannot see your hands. A GPS device with the course GPX downloaded is required. Gaia is required, Avenza is highly recommended as a back up. You must have a tracking device. If you have your own, great. If not, you have to rent one. Following the San Juan Solstice 50 on this. It's too remote and difficult for me to be okay not knowing where you are. It's for your safety. No one finished the full course the inaugural running October 2023.

The Hare Mountain 100 is a point-to-point 100 mile run, that incorporates 2 scenic loops, along the Ozark Highlands Trail in the Northwestern part of Arkansas across the Boston Mountain segment. Hare Mountain is the highest point on the OHT at nearly 2400 feet. This segment covers 164 miles of rocky, steep and rugged forest with several creek crossings, incredible fall colors, waterfalls, bluffs and beautiful sandstone outcrops. I'm utilizing 100 miles of the most difficult sections of this segment. I grew up on this trail and it means a lot to offer such a rugged and beautiful experience.

In 2023 I offered a 100k and 50 mile at the same time as the 100. The 100k will be at a different time of year now. The 50 mile will be the second, and more difficult, half of the 100 course. It will start at Indian Creek TH at 6am on Saturday. The cutoff is 16 hours.

You must have completed at least a 50 mile race on trail with at least 5000 feet of vertical gain. Measurements taken by GPS and topographic mapping have put elevation gain between 20,000-22,000 feet. Runners will have 38 hours to complete the 100 mile run.
Runners must sign a waiver, perform 8 hours of trail work (you can use hours already used for another race), or opt out of trail work with a $100 donation to the Ozark Highlands Trail Association in order to participate in this event. It is preferable that you complete the trail work on the OHT if possible. Please send proof of trail work to

Part of the proceeds of the race will go to local animal shelters.

Runner Packet

Runners are encouraged to have a crew or someone who can drop them at the start or camp with them at the start and drive to finish.
This is a serious race. It's not at high elevation but it's hard. And it's a lot of elevation gain. If
it's cold and damp it can be just as dangerous as a higher elevation race. Approach it like
the "mountain" race it is. Even though geophysicists and geomorphologists often disagree
on what makes a mountain. Most Geophysicists say mountain building requires a tectonic
event, the geomorphologists often say it's all about relief. The Ozarks have plenty of the
latter! If you are signed up for the 100, you may drop to the 100k or 50 for credit. 100k
runners can drop to 50 for credit.
My email is
The weather in Arkansas in late October could be 70 and sunny, raining and 38, snowing or
in the 40's and sunny. The temps will be cold to chilly at night with a decent possibility of
freezing temps.
-Bivy or emergency blanket (I prefer bivy)
-2 headlamps (carry one at all times and 2 after Aid 5.
-Rain jacket with hood and taped seams
-Long sleeve (preferably wool)
-Pants of any type (depends on weather if you must carry from the start or can pick up at
Aid 5.
-Beanie (also weather dependent on when you must carry)
-Water filtration/treatment (I carry a Katadyn BeFree or Life Straw depending on what I'm
doing or iodine tablets)
-Socks at every drop bag. Lots of creek crossings.
-Blister kit
-Anti chaffing cream or Vaseline. One of our sponsors, Squirrel's Nut Butter, has provided a
tub for every aid station.
-Tracking device
-Gels, energy chews, etc
You can pick up pacers at Indian Creek TH, Aid 6, mile 50. Pacers must sign a waiver and
get a bib at the aid station they are starting from. One pacer at a time. Pacers must be
picked up at aid stations only. No muling. No car rides. No aid outside of aid stations
Crew Access and Drop Bags
-Clarksville AR has hotels ~30 minutes away from start.
-Small campground at start, free, fcfs
-Dispersed camping in the national forest near the start and all along the course.
-Camping at Ozone CG aid 2
-House rentals in Oark
-Wolf Pen Recreation Area on hwy 215 just east of Indian Creek
-Byrd's Adventure Center near aids 6 and 7
-Redding Campground, fcfs, aid 7 (We'll have several spots for the race here).
-Dispersed camping all over Morgan Mt near Morgan Fields TH aid 8. Also just below Hare
Mountain climb.
-Black Mountain TH plenty of dispersed
-Turner Bend CG on hwy 23
-Shores Lake CG aid 11.
-White Rock Recreation Area has cabins and a campground (dispersed just below the
recreation area). We have sites reserved here.
The best place to gather post race if you feel like socializing is Redding Campground. If you
finish the 100 at White Rock, you have a campsite to chill at. Redding lists showers but I
need to make sure they are working before I say that for sure.
Lake Fort Smith State Park is a short distance away from the finish and they have showers,
a campground and cabins.
Alma has hotels about an hour from the finish.
Fort Smith has hotels about an hour and 15 minutes from the finish.


Who puts on this race?

This is a grassroots endurance run presented by Wilderness Endurance. Wilderness Endurance is owned by Stephanie Turner. It's a small company managing 3 races on the OHT (Hare Mountain 100, Boston Mountains Off Camber 100k, The Black Bear 50 miler), and a free 3 Day Adventure Festival.
I have spent a lot of time on the Ozark Highland's Trail over the years. It's a special place to me. So I intend to keep this race "old school" never exceeding 150 runners. I want for this race to become a family of runners. I want for it to be about the trail, comradery, pushing yourself, and the environment. The vibe will always be laid back, inclusive and fun.
I think it's important for humans to have a fellowship of people to recreate with in the outdoors for better mental health. A safe place to challenge themselves without judgement or competition. It's about you having a really good time in the woods and making new friends.

Event's current local time: 5:04 PM CT


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