July 15 - September 30, 2023
Registration Ended Sat. Sep 30, 2023 @ 11:59 PM

Welcome to the Scena Training Hub

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Training Runs

Training camps are built around a specific race and usually take place 3 weeks or so before race day as one of your last big training weekends. Each camp is designed to be flexible to your training schedule. You can run as far as you like, or as short as you care to. We try to cover all of the course in a multi-day camp, or the real hot spots in a single day.

All the runs are lightly supported, which means that there is little or no marking. We provide you maps and GPX and try to have guides on trail with you. There is aid every 3-6 miles, though you should be prepared to carry your own hydration in case you miss the support wagon.

Training Camps are fun. Each day is limited to 25 runners. You'll meet new folks, guaranteed, or bump into ones you know already. Training camps are supported by one online gathering to talk about your training and the course.

There current schedule is:

July 6: Skyline 50k Day 1: Lake Chabot to Big Bear
July 7: Skyline 50k Day 2: Skyline Gate to Bort Meadow
September 7: Dick Collins Firetrails Day 1: Lake Chabot to Big Bear (including Dinosaur Ridge)
September 8: Dick Collins Firetrails Day 2: Skyline Gate to Lone Oak

You do not need to be registered for the race to sign up for camp.

Scena Sessions

Scena Sessions give you the chance to learn about topics that will matter in your training. These are live, Zoom-based sessions that last about 20 minutes. And then you get to ask questions. They are shared on Facebook Live and then in recorded form later. Sessions are free but you have to sign up to be invited to be in the room!

There are no currently scheduled Scena Sessions.

Sample Learning Nugget

Here's a great excerpt from Mecque Tucker's session on shoes when Margaret asked how to select a shoe if she has a longer second toe

Refunds and Cancellation

Please note that registration in the Scena Training Runs is non-refundable. This includes instances where the runs have been canceled due to natural disaster, park closures, or air quality.

About Scena Performance

Scena Performance presents classic races like Skyline 50k, and Dick Collins Firetrails in Oakland, CA and creates new ones like Napa Valley 50k. Our aim is to take you someplace new and reward you with great running, food, and friends.

See you out there?


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