Saturday, Oct 7, 2023 @ 9:00 AM

The Midnight Dreary

100 Ann Edwards Ln

Mount Pleasant, SC 24hrs, 12hrs, 6hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 7, 2023


Welcome! Given 24 hours on a track, how many miles can you run? How much fun can you have? Come find out with us on October 7th when we'll be running on the Town Hall track in Mt Pleasant, SC for 24 hours! The Midnight Dreary is USATF sanctioned race, record eligible, with excellent weather trends. The race is hosted on a rubberized track has lots of shade. We also have lots of fun shenanigans up our sleeves to ensure an even more enticing night. This event is intended for anyone wanting to test their limits AND to enjoy a fun, loopy, social event.


We decided to create this event for three reasons:
1.) To provide an opportunity for All-Comers to race on the same track and experience the same luxury as elites do when they run The Raven, a premier 24-hour race in the U.S. designed for records and team qualifiers.
2.) To give All-Comers and opportunity to qualify for The Raven by either winning the 24-hour race, or by running a qualifying mileage.
3.) The Southeast Ultra community is amazing, and we just want to have some fun with you.
We hope that you will come challenge your limits and cheer each other on towards a variety of goals. Entry is open for ALL to come.

USATF membership is not required to compete in the Midnight Dreary event. However, it does add an extra fun challenge! See below.

USATF South Carolina MUT Championships
The 2023 USATF-SC Open/Masters MUT 24 Hour/12 Hour/6 Hour Championships will be held in conjunction with the Midnight Dreary event. USATF Association Championship medals will be awarded to the top 3 USATF-SC member men & women in the open division as well as 5-year masters age groups. Please enter your USATF membership number during registration. If you purchase a membership post registration please or notify USATF-SC at USATF South Carolina memberships can be purchased at USATF Membership. USATF membership is not required to compete in the Midnight Dreary event.

Race Course and Facilities

The course is a USATF certified 400-meter rubberized track located at the Town Hall in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The track will have lights on through the night, so runners should not need to wear a headlamp. Two porta-potties will be located near the track to ensure that competitive athletes can quickly and conveniently access restroom facilities.
The gymnasium, which has men's and women's restrooms with showers as well as a kitchenette, will be open during the event and until 11am Sunday morning. The kitchenette is equipped with a fridge, coffee machine and microwave that we are welcome to use.

Aid Station

The aid station will have water, electrolyte drinks, sodas, and simple foods (such as PB&J, gummies, chips, and bananas). There will be limited hot foods consisting of broth, soup, quesadillas, omlets, and coffee. Athletes should take care of their own special dietary needs and bring any additional food items they require.


The 24 hour race will begin at 9:00am.
6 hour races will begin at 9:00am and 6:00pm. Entrants decide upon registration.
12hour races will begin at 9:00am or 9:00pm. Entrants decide upon registration.

Every 4 hours we will change the direction of travel. Your number of laps, distance, and race will be shown on an electronic display near the start.


We cannot produce this event without the help of an amazing volunteer team. If you would like to join our volunteer team, we are looking for help with event setup, main aid station, timing, and event breakdown.


Special thanks to our sponsors for helping us make this event happen. The Midnight Dreary is presented by The Foot Store, a valuable asset to runners in the Mount Pleasant area.

Event's current local time: 3:59 AM ET


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