Sunday, Jul 30, 2023


360 Gulf Rd

Somers, CT 12 Hour, 6 Hour

This Event Took Place Sun. Jul 30, 2023

Race Information

The SoapstoneSix 6-Hour loop format race is back this year as a live event. New this year is the 12-Hour format for those true nuts that can't get enough of the Assault course. If you signed up for "only" the Soapstone Assault and want to flip over to the 6/12-hour, just let us know and we'll adjust your entry!

Online registration is required, NO day-of reg, and registration is capped at 20 people. We will have everyone register for the 6-Hour, and you can decide after that if you will continue for the 12-Hour.

The SoapstoneSix course is 1500' of climbing and six "summits" in a 5 mile loop. How many "summits" of our little mountain can you do in 6 or 12 hours?

We will start the event at 6:00 am on the same day as the "regular" assault, so 6-Hour runners will finish while everyone else is at their post-race BBQ. 12-Hour runners will finish alone while everyone else is home having dinner.

Parking is available at 360 Gulf Rd Somers, CT - the Shenipsit State Forest parking lot.

No bibs, no pacers, no crew, no blow-up finish line, no whining. Study the course and get it done. More useful details coming soon.


A map of the loop can be found on All Trails:
You will circumnavigate the base of Soapstone Mountain in a counterclockwise direction and each time you encounter a trail heading upwards, take it to the peak. Once at the top, you will take the same trail back down to resume the circuit around the base of the mountain. This up-and-down sequence is repeated for the first 5 different trails that runners come across. The 6th trail to be encountered is the infamous Killer Hill.
When you reach the tower after the final hill #6, take the left towards the fenced-in radio tower and head down the paved road to the start... and do it all over again... for six hours.
You must do the hills in order - no skipping summits, no changing of the loop. If you blow by a turn, you'll have to go back and do it! You get a point every time you hit a summit, and so partial loops will count.
You can stash food/water at the summit (the rock that marks hills 3,4,5 has room behind it if you'd like to hide something back there), so you can use the trip down the paved road as your "refueling" time if you'd like.
Soapstone Six runners will be submitting their total # of times to the summit. We may ask for GPX files for confirmation.

Each summit of the mountain will earn one point for the runner. Winner will be the runner with the most points at the end of 6 hours. In case of a points tie, it will be a tie.


Proceeds will go to trail stewardship organizations in Connecticut, such as the Connecticut Forest and Park Association, Joshua’s Trust, and Northern Connecticut Land Trust.

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Interested in an in-person, one loop version? Check out the "regular" Soapstone Assault

Shenipsit Striders

The Shenipsit Striders trail running club was started in 1975 by a small group of friends in northcentral Connecticut that wanted to get together for weekly runs in the woods. Today the club has grown to include members from all corners of Connecticut and the New England region, with all abilities represented from new runners to experienced ultramarathoners.

Our races serve to give back to the trail community by donating to Connecticut trail stewardship and land use programs. As a nonprofit club, our membership helps further support our goals to give back to the trail community - we would love to have you join us as a member.

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