Sunday, Feb 11, 2024

Gone Loco

35.45588962722662, -84.57117576002383

Athens, TN 33 Miler , 11 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. Feb 11, 2024

Race Information

Wecome back to Gone Loco: in Athens, TN on February 11th on the beautiful Eureka Trail.

Course description

The course is a fine mesh gravel identical to what you will find on the Virginia Creeper Trail. There are a few back country roads that you will cross as you traverse through the woods. The trail system is open to bicycles and horses all year round and is very well maintained. This course is great for families that want to ride along with runners on their bikes and see what its all about!

Live Event on February 11th

Race is limited to 100 runners!
Come explore the beautiful Eureka Trail in Athens. This trail was created from the rails to trails conversion and is very flat and 100% runnable... Following a former railroad bed, the gravel trail winds southeast through woodlands, rural landscapes, and the community of Mashburn before ending at the outskirts of Englewood.

To learn more about the Eureka Trail visit this website:
Gone Loco race takes place on the Eureka Trail in Athens, TN. It is currently the only endurance event to utilize this trail system with beautiful views and rolling hills. This is a well-maintained, and very runnable trail system. Gone Loco race is created as a reminder of the train/rail system that used to run through the city and town which is a huge part of history for the community.

This race was designed for all runners, ages, and outdoor enthusiasts. From the seasoned ultrarunner to the beginner trail runner, this will be a fast course and we expect some runners to break their PR's in this race.

Packet pickup available the morning of the race at 6AM and February 10th from 5-7 PM at the Start of the Eureka Trail in Athens, TN. Address: please use the coordinates link at the top of the page.

11 Miler - 9 AM
33 Miler (55k) - 8 AM

Finding the starting line: Eureka Trail

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*Family friendly event and numerous places to access runners on the course
*Pacers allowed on the 33 mile race after 4 hours (do you really need a pacer?)

Swag and Rewards

Swag and Awards
For runners that have participated in our previous races you know we work hard and put extra effort into our medals, shirts, and awards.

Live Physical Race:
Registration is limited for the actual live race to 100 participants.
*Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall Male and Female
Also Top male and female finisher racing in the live physical event will received an extra award.


Hoist hydration
Salty britches
The long run
Mayfield dairy
Fia Knoxville
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Refunds will be available until December 1, 2023 minus the UltraSignup fee. Race registrations are not transferable to other participants. Please consider these factors carefully before completing your registration.

We try to be very flexible when we can but please keep in mind that for us to put on a great event and order swag along with lining out volunteers for aid stations. We line that out well before race day. Anything after the Dec 1 cutoff cannot be given a refund.


We are not kidding when we say this course is flat and fast. With that being said we have to honor our permit times with the city and so 6 pm is the race cutoff. This gives the 33 milers 10hrs to complete their race. Trust us, this is plenty of time!

Aid Stations

A little information about our aid stations. We will have 2 fully stocked aid stations. One will be at the start/finish line, the other at the turn around point in Englewood. These will both be fully stocked with your regular aid station stuff. Hoist is our main hydration sponsor. In years past we have even put a middle point water table just to make your race even easier. Most can run this race without even a water bottle or pack.


We all know that sometimes pacers can make or break someones race. We have all been to that point where we are ready to throw the towel in and the pacer as to slap the crying out of you and get you back on track. We don't feel that they are needed on the 11 miler. Its 11 miles. The 33 miler we do allow pacers after your first lap but we do ask that you check in with us and make us aware that you have one. We do allow pacers to eat and drink from our aid stations also. I mean they are suffering with you! We do ask that aid station food is kept just for the runners and pacers as if we allow your families to eat all your food then you wont have any.

Swag Cutoff

As much as we would love to see you rocking our swag please keep in mind for this to happen we have to order it. For this to happen we need you to sign up by Jan 7th. After this swag will be on a limited basis as to what is left over on sizing. We always order extra but there are no guarantees. The swag store will also be turned off at this point. We do not ship swag

Event's current local time: 5:17 AM ET


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