Sunday, Nov 19, 2023 @ 8:58 AM

Havens Trail Run

2201 Ottawa Street

Leavenworth, KS 8M

This Event Took Place Sun. Nov 19, 2023


A Bard once said...
We have had an 11 miler here before. This year is quite different however... instead of 2 5.5 mile loops, you will run 1 road/gravel/asphalt trail loop which is the entrance to the labyrinth. If you've run these trails before you know what I mean... if you haven't, come on down! You are in for a treat and fun. The 2nd loop is the trail. The 3rd will be your first loop in reverse... these are totally fun loops and each unique, you're going to love it, I guarantee it!
Check out a couple of videos at the bottom of this page. This race changes drastically every year. You never know what can happen out here!

11 Mile Runners:
1st loop -- consists of road and paved trail marking the boundaries of the park. This is a great loop which I think you are really going to enjoy. It is fun and fast... has a couple big hills and some serious downhills too. These are some trails, that, if you've been out here before you haven't been on! Even though its paved and gravel you will still get a bit of a trail run feel. This is the journey TO the Labyrinth.

2nd loop -- This is the real trail run. 4 miles of very technical single track which twists and turns all over the place. At the center of it all there will be an item to acquire and an aid station. Complete this loop and come back to the start for your final loop.

3rd loop -- Complete the first loop in reverse, this is your escape route! You will enjoy the downhill finish.

4 Mile Runners:
Your start time?? Well... the 11 mile starts at 9am. You will start when the first runner of the 11 miler returns from their first loop. So the start time isn't totally defined. It should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 9:30am. This is to ensure that the route TO the Labyrinth is safe! Once that is established (if no one returns, we'll have to cancel the race) you begin! Now that the pathway to the Labryinth is safe, get in there! You do the 2nd loop only. Get to the heart of the labyrinth, get your trinket, and well, that's it. You don't do the escape route, so you're probably a goner... but at least you lived well!

-- Hooded Sweatshirt and finisher item for ALL participants.

-- Well marked course you won't (jk you will) get lost on.

-- CUSTOM BREWED BEER SPECIALLY ORDERED FOR THIS EVENT!!! You will not quaff this ale ANYWHERE else! Get your Untappd profile setup and ready to check-in this special brew!

-- AFTER PARTY at 11Worth Station Brewhouse. They have food. They have beer. We will have a giveaway! We will have a QUIZ!

Location: Sportsfield Parking Lot
Time: November 23, 2024 -- 9am start for 11 Milers, 9:30ish start for 4 milers... it could happen any time don't be late!
Swag: Zip-Up Hoodie, Finisher item, Custom brewed beer, treasure from the center of the labyrinth, maybe more, come see!
4 Milers: Aid at center of the Labyrinth.
11 Milers: 1 aid station at the center of the Labyrinth.
Parking: Tons of parking in Sportsfield parking lot.
AFTER PARTY: Location, 11 Worth Station Brewhouse. Will commence following the race for a few hours. Come for fun and giveaways.


Event's current local time: 6:22 PM CT


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