Saturday, May 11, 2024

Salt Lake Foothills 50k + Half Marathon

2600 S Sunnyside Ave

Salt Lake City, UT 50K, Half Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. May 11, 2024


Please read this carefully. 

The city notified us that our course permit was in danger due to the storms this week washing out important sections of our route.  Joey got to work and proposed a new route that avoids the compromised sections and rather than cancel the event, they’ve allowed us to move forward.

Finish Line
The finish line for both distances and the start line for the 50k is not changing. . 

Here is the new approved 50k route.  The new route is an out and back just as the original route was but now prior to finishing you have another short out and back to get the complete mileage.  We are no longer able to go into and up City Creek Canyon over to Ensign per the city’s requirement. Please see the new course map if you’re interested in the specifics.  We still have 5,000+’ of gain over 50k.

Here is the new approved half marathon route.  The half marathon now starts at the Bonneville Aid Station (Apple Maps / Google Maps).  You can park along 11th Ave (Apple Maps / Google Maps) and walk from 11th down to the start line.  You can also be dropped off almost exactly at the starting line.  When parking in the neighborhoods, please be thoughtful and respectful of the residents. 

-If you see mud, please run THROUGH it not around it.  This is critical to preserve the trail system and generates good will between us and the city allowing us to continue to offer this event for years to come.
-The city has requested that you not run the race with your dogs.

Reusable Cups
In our attempt to limit waste, we will not have cups at aid stations for you to drink out of.  If you want to drink at the aid stations, you must run with a reusable cup.  Normally we sell these for $5 at bib pick but due to the last minute reroute, we’d be happy to gift you a reusable/collapsable cup.

Start/Finish Lines


1/2 Marathon Starting Line
The half marathon begins at the Ensign Peak Trailhead. Apple Maps + Google Maps. Please park along the street. This is a residential neighborhood. Please be extremely respectful to residents.

50k Starting Line
The race begins across the street from the Hogle Zoo. Please do not park at the zoo. You can park all along Sunnyside Avenue and at Rotary Park. (Apple Maps + Google Maps)

Finish Line
The finish line is the 50k starting line across the street from Hogle Zoo.

Pre Race


Bib Pick Up
Friday, May 10, 4pm - 7:30pm
Location: Rotary Park (Apple Maps + Google Maps)
Address: 2850 E Emigration Canyon Rd
What to Expect:  Pick up your bib and hang for a bit.  This is a great place to ask questions about the course. If you can't make the pick up on Friday, we will allow for bib pick up for the 50k at 6:30am and the half marathon at 7:30am at the respective start lines. Look for the guy with the bullhorn to take care of you.

Pre Race Run/Shakeout
Joey (co-race director) is hosting a shakeout run on Friday with a 1.5 mile and 3 mile option.  Super slow and fun. For details, join us in the Wylder App by clicking here.  Details will drop Monday.

2024 Race Packet

Course Markings
Our course markings will be blue - blue flags, blue ties. Simple as that.

We've seen all sorts of wildlife on these trails. All sorts of snakes - rattlesnakes, rubber boas, gopher snakes. There are coyotes, deer, elk. Even if this list is not exhaustive, bottom line - you're in the wilderness and you are not alone. If you are at all uncomfortable with this thought, stay close to other runners. Please don't touch the wildlife.

Cut off times
The 50k has an 11 hour cutoff and the 1/2 marathon has a 10 hour cutoff. 6pm is the cutoff for everyone. However, our ethos is NoPodium. If you toe the line and are still on your feet, we will wait for you.

We have secured shuttles for those of you who need them and that registration is now closed. If you are on that list, please show up at the finish line at 7am to watch the 50k start. Once they're off, we will load the shuttle and go to the 1/2 marathon start.

Post race hang and Sticker pick up
Come hang with us at Beer Bar in downtown Salt Lake City at 7:30pm. We'll have free stickers with the race logo on them if you show up wearing your bib. Please shower if possible. We'll probably hang there until around 9:30pm.

Race Course Briefing
We will post the course briefing via instagram on Friday. Follow Open Range Races. We will notify you when it is live.

Nutrition + Hydration on Course
If you have strong prefrences on nutrition and hydration, we highly recommend you bring your own. We would hate for you to rely on aid stations for a unique and specific item critical to your performance and it not be there. That said we will have calories and electrolytes at each aid station. We will have Seattle Gummies at the aid stations along with Nuun Hydration. Additionally we will have average 50k food - a mix of sweet and salty.

If you choose to not finish this race, you absolutely MUST tell an Aid Station captain in person. We are tracking everyone on course and it is critical that we know to no longer look for you.

We are in close proximity to 3 hospitals. Very close. While we hope you have no need for it, you will be very close to emergency care if needed and we will get you the help you need if needed.

Salt Lake Foothills 50k + Half Marathon

The foothills of Salt Lake City have inspired thousands of runners to leave the pounding pavement for soft, drifting trails. The trails are lined with beautiful city views on world class routes. But don’t be fooled by the views, the gain/loss is legit and impossible to avoid.

The City of Salt Lake has invested heavily in the foothills trail system and we are honored to help show them off.

View the detailed route here.


What is the cutoff time?

6pm for both distances.
50k - 11 hours, Half Marathon - 10 hours

What are the options for crew?

Your friends/crew can come see you at any of the aid stations if you’d like. We just ask that they show courtesy and respect to the areas they’re in. They’ll be driving through neighborhoods and near the University of Utah campus and the University Hospital. We do not guarantee parking availability at the aid stations. There is a chance interested parties will have to walk a good ways on paved sidewalks or roads.

Do you do drop bags?


Will the 2024 course be exactly like the 2023 course?

Probably not. It all comes down to permits, trail conditions, etc.

Where exactly is the race going to be?

50k: The race will start and finish at the BoSho trailhead by the Hogle Zoo. Half Marathon: The race will start at Ensign Peak and end at Hogle Zoo. Parking and logistics coming the week of the event.

Who are the race directors?

Josh Rosenthal, Joey Hendrix, and Jared Wright.

What is your refund policy?

50% refund on or before March 1 and no refunds.

We are offering 100% deferrals due to pregnancy.

We’ve run so many races and had to bail on a few without refunds. We are sensitive to this and want to have a reasonable refund policy.

What are the aid stations like?

We will have traditional ultra aid station food that will be a mix of salty and sweet along with Nuun hydration and Seattle Gummies for addition hydration support. If you have specific and strategic fueling needs, we always recommend carrying those items, but our aid stations will have calories for you.

What is the bathroom situation?

We will have bathrooms at every aid station.

Event's current local time: 1:20 AM MT


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