Saturday, Jul 27, 2024

Lost Sierra Endurance Race

Downieville, CA 100K, 50K

Registration closes: Wed, Jul 24 @ 11:59PM PT


Welcome to the Lost Sierra Endurance Race, a thrilling endurance experience set against the stunning backdrop of the Sierra Buttes in Downieville, CA, taking place on July 27th, 2024. Choose your challenge with our 50KM and 100KM races, both promising an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The flagship 100KM race embarks on an exhilarating out-and-back adventure, navigating the scenic Third Divide Trails, Pacific Crest Trail, and Lakes Basin Trails. This challenging course leads runners from the charming town of Downieville, CA to nearby Graeagle, CA, offering panoramic views of the northern Sierra Nevada mountains. The route then doubles back, ensuring participants experience the full splendor of this breathtaking region.

For those opting for the 50KM race, the adventure begins outside Graeagle, traversing the same awe-inspiring course and finishes in downtown Downieville.

Get ready for an immersive experience with constant high sierra running, allowing you to soak in the spectacular vistas of the Sierra Nevada. Join us on July 27th for the Lost Sierra Endurance Race, where every step is a journey, and every view is a masterpiece.

Presented by: Bad Luck Run Club and Skybreaker Racing
Lost Sierra Endurance Race is unaffiliated with the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship organization or any of its past / present events.


Our 100K distance is an out-n-back course starting in downtown Downieville, traveling up towards the Sierra Buttes then turning north to Plumas-Eureka State Park (PESP), Blairsden, CA where the turnaround is. There are 5 unique aid stations (a total of 9 stops along the course) with two crew access points, one at Lavazzo Rd (mile 5 & 54) and one at PESP (mile 30). Due to the remoteness of the course and lack of access points, pacers are not allowed.

Start Location: Downieville, CA
Aid Stations:
Mile 5.3 - Lavezzola Road (Aid #1)
Mile 15.2 - Golden Valley Summit (Aid #2)
Mile 20.1 - Lots O Lakes (Aid #3)
Mile 25.6 - Smith Lake Trailhead (Aid #4)
Mile 29.8 - Plumas-Eureka State Park (Aid #5)
Mile 34.1 - Smith Lake Trailhead (Aid #4)
Mile 39.5 - Lots O Lakes (Aid #3)
Mile 44.5 - Golden Valley Summit (Aid #2)
Mile 54.2 - Lavezzola Road (Aid #1)


Our 50K distance is an point to point course starting in Plumas-Eureka State Park (PESP) in Blairsden, just outside Graeagle, traveling up towards the Sierra Buttes then turning south to Downieville where the finish is. There are 4 unique aid stations with crew access at Lavazzo Rd (mile 23). Runners will be shuttled from Downieville to PESP to start the race.

Start Location: Plumas-Eureka State Park, Blairsden, CA
Aid Stations:
Mile 4.2 - Smith Lake Trailhead (Aid #4)
Mile 9.7 - Lots O Lakes (Aid #3)
Mile 14.7 - Golden Valley Summit (Aid #2)
Mile 24.4 - Lavezzola Road (Aid #1)

Cut Offs & Other Items

Cut-Off Times:
50K: 10:00:00 or 6:00PM (19:20 min/mile pace)
100K: 18:30 or 12:30PM (18:10 min/mile pace)
Mile 29.8 - 2:30PM - Plumas-Eureka State Park (Aid #5)
Mile 34.1 - 3:40PM - Smith Lake Trailhead (Aid #4)
Mile 39.5 - NO CUTOFF - Lots O Lakes (Aid #3)
Mile 44.5 - 6:50PM - Golden Valley Summit (Aid #2)
Mile 54.2 - 10:20PM - Lavezzola Road (Aid #1)

Mandatory Items:
100KM runners must carry a vest / pack, space blanket, and headlamp for the duration of the race.

Sticks & Pacers:
All runners may carry and use running poles / sticks. As of May 18th, we will allow 100KM runners to have 50KM runners as pacers. This means that you may have a pacer for the last 30 miles, only if they register for the 50KM event and must coordinate their own transportation to the Plumas-Eureka State Park Visitors Center to meet you.

Obviously, 50KM "pacers" will be starting later than the rest of the field but will still receive results and participant awards. 50KM "pacers" must record their own time with a GPS watch to receive results and must let the #5 aid station know they are starting the race.

Event's current local time: 7:11 AM PT

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