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Backyard Ultra

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Backyard is a new running sport. It is neither running a set distance for time, nor running a set time for distance. The objective of Backyard is for the athlete to cover the maximum distance possible for their level of experience and ability. There is only one winner in a Backyard Ultra, the runner who covers the greatest distance. However there can be many successes, as the rational pacing and team atmosphere of a Backyard raises many runners to achievements they never thought possible. Every athlete in the race plays a part in the final outcome. The ultimate winner cannot reach the distance they achieve without the contributions of all the other participants.
This registration is not for the purpose of entering a specific event as an athlete. It is for the purpose of registering a race with the Backyard Association. Your event will be listed on the Backyard International Calendar and your runners will be included in the world rankings and eligible to make National Teams and advance to the World Individual Backyard Championships.
Adding Backyard Races to the calendar is not intended to be monetized. Unfortunately free additions has resulted in too many ghost listings for races that do not occur. There is now a one-time $25 charge to add a race to the calendar. This is to end the practice of adding an event just because it is free. There will be no additional fees as long as you submit results following the event and maintain a valid race date on the calendar. Race Directors with races in good standing can add additional events without the charge.

Backyard Ultra Rules

  1. Course:
    1. Loop or out and back
    2. Must be 4 miles 880 feet in length
    3. Metric equivalent 6.7056 kilometers
  2. Starting Corral:
    1. Measured to fit entire starting field
    2. Corral stays the same size throughout the event
    3. Participants must be inside the corral at the bell
  3. Starts:
    1. Each Yard starts precisely one hour after the last
    2. Warning must be given 3, 2, and 1 minute before the bell
    3. All competitors must start at the bell (No late starts)
  4. Yards:
    1. Except for restroom breaks a competitor cannot leave the course until the Yard is complete
    2. No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)
    3. No personal aid during a Yard
    4. Each Yard must be completed in less than an hour to be counted
    5. No artificial aids (including trekking poles)
    6. Slower runners must yield/allow passes
  5. Timing:
    1. Keeping lap times is optional
  6. Winner/Results:
    1. The winner is the last person to complete a Yard
    2. All others are technically DNF
    3. Results of each participant in terms of Yards completed are to be given
    4. If no participant can complete one more yard than anyone else there is no winner
  7. Cap:
    1. Race must be open ended

Backyard 24 Rules

  1. Backyard Races with a defined finish up to 24 hours may be held
  2. These races are named according to their length (Backyard 6 for 6 hours, etc)
  3. No winner is named. Participants either finish or DNF
  4. All other Backyard Rules apply.
  5. If a Backyard 24 is held in conjunction with a Backyard Ultra all participants of both events must start at the same time.

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