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Backyard Championship Qualifying Programme

World Individual Championships

Tennessee, TN Silver/Bronze Bid Application, Satellite Team Manager Application

Registration closes: Sat, Jun 1 @ 11:59PM ET

Welcome to the Bid Process for the 2026 Satellite Championship Race Series

There are 3 levels of races that enable any runner to qualify for the World Individual Championships in 2027;
One goal for 2027 (or 2025) is to expand the capacity of the Individual World Championship venue so that all Satellite Champions will have a spot.


When you are selected there will be a small charge, which will vary depending on your individual situation and the level of the event. This money will be used to ship the bronze, silver, and gold coins to the races. Given the variation in the cost of shipping, some races will be paying more than the cost of obtaining the coin and shipping it and some will be paying less.
If any funds remain after shipping, they will be applied to the World Individual Championships, which run at a huge loss!
When your bid is accepted you will receive notification in the form of an Invitation, which you have to accept in order for the transaction to be complete. So you will not be charged any amount without approving it first.

Bronze Ticket

Winning a Bronze Ticket secures the athlete a starting place in a Silver Ticket Event the window for Bronze Ticket Events is August 19, 2024 through August 16, 2025.

Silver Ticket

Winning a Silver Ticket Event secures the athlete a place on the National Backyard Ultra Team the window for Silver Ticket Events is August 20, 2025 through August 15, 2026.

Gold Ticket

These are the Satellite Team Championships to be held on October 17, 2026 the top 50 winning distances in the Satellite Team Championships will secure a starting place in the World Individual Championships to be held on October 16, 2027.

Two Options for Bids

1. First you must bid for a Bronze or Silver Ticket Event.
2. You must become a Team Manager.
The Silver and Bronze Events will be selected with the assistance of the Current (2024) Team Manager If there are multiple bids to be the 2026 Team Manager we will consider a vote of all current Backyard Race Directors in that country.

Event's current local time: 10:03 PM ET

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