This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 29, 2012


This course is a stunning traverse of the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The route is comprised of approximately 20 miles of desert single-track, 5 miles of dirt road, and 1 mile of pavement.  The course begins at Sunrise Access Trailhead and immediately climbs towards Sunrise Peak.  From there, we will have an extended downhill to Lost Dog Trailhead.  Water up and head up to Lost Dog Lookout, and drop into a wash towards Gateway.  Water up at Gateway and there is another climb up to Tom's Thumb - the high point of the trail.  Drop down to the North Access, and your now at mile 20.  From there it's six miles of mostly dirt road.  We'll end this trek at Rosati’s Pizza at Alma School and Dynamite.  Then get a lift (your on your own there) back to Sunrise or hang around and join us for drinks.  There is over 4,000 feet of climbing across the course (see map) and you will see the McDowell Mountains with a totality that few in the Valley have experienced.  Participants will receive a custom hand-made finisher’s medal (see picture) and a beer or other beverage at Rosati’s.  This is an informal “fun run” designed to celebrate the end of 2012 with an epic romp through the McDowell Mountains.


Scottsdale's McDowell Mountains are like no other place in the Valley.  These mountainis are home to stunning geography, lush cacti forests, and at 21,400 acres it is the largest urban wilderness in the United States.  This is an informal self-supported trail marathon.  Participants will be given a map but will be responsible for navigation. The course will not be marked and you will be responsible for your own nutrition.  Hey, we're not Competitor Group!  There will however be water available at Lost Dog, Gateway, and Tom’s Thumb Access Area.  No other fluids will be available - so make the stops and plan accordingly.  Participants must carry at least one bottle of water between fixed trailheads.  Participants will be responsible for getting back to their automobiles at Sunrise Access or finding transportation home. Sound like a lot of work?  Sure!  But you will see the McDowells from head to toe, donate to the beer and drink fund, and get a kick-ass finisher's medal for your efforts.  The race is limited to 12 participants.  


The race will begin at 7 AM at Sunrise Trailhead.  "Official" cutoff will be 2 PM . . . but we don't plan on being too picky about that. 

Event's current local time: 9:10 AM MT


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