The Celts is an extremely challenging series of foot races passing along the stunning and hilly coastal line, through ancient castles, and through forest, dunes on the coast of Porthcawl, Wales, United Kingdom. There are 3 categories of races: 25km and 50km trail races and the 50k+ Survival Run, a brutal "By Application Only" adventure/obstacle/ultra event. All events will take place on August 23rd, 2014.
Survival Run Category is only by Application: INFO HERE

Cup - Free

“I understand that this is a Cup-Free race and that no cups will be provided during the race. I will bring my own refillable beverage container if I want to consume the beverages provided at the aid stations.”

What is a Survival Run?

Survival Run is not an obstacle course race, adventure race or ultramarathon, but a combination of all It is not a standard definition of an obstacle course race, with mud, manufactured obstacles and gimmicky fire jumps. Survival Run is all about adapting to the environment and taking on challenges that are part of the culture and location where the event takes place. Survival Runs don't pretend to be dangerous, they are dangerous. That is why they are by application and allow only those who are truly physically and mentally prepared to take on the extreme challenges.


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