Saturday, Nov 14, 2015
This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 14, 2015

Race Date, Time, and Location

Fall Classic 50K -
Date: FRIDAY, November 4
Time: 8:00AM
Location: Fielding Garr Ranch

Mountain View Trail Half Marathon
Date: FRIDAY November 4
Time: 9:00AM
Location: White Rock Bay Trailhead

11/1/2022 - There will be day of race registration this year. Just go to the race check in location and sign up. Race check in is at the large parking lot just outside the entry station on Antelope Drive. Race day registration will happen between 6am and 8:30am on Friday November 4. Day of registration entry is $120 for the 50K, and $100 for the Half Marathon. Venmo, PayPal, check, cash.

New for 2022

Hey folks, a couple of new things for 2022.
The big change for this year will be the relocation of the start/finish to the Ranch. The park is building a new campground right where the current start/finish is so we can't use that. Both the 50K course and the half marathon course will remain the same. The Half Marathon will start at White Rock Bay (old finish) and run to the Ranch. The 50K will start and finish at the Ranch and will run in reverse of years past.


The 50K is one loop. The course for 2022 will be the same, however, it will run clockwise and the start will be at the Ranch rather than the event field near White Rock Bay.
The first aid station will be North Sentry. 3.5 miles in and roughly a 1000’ climb to get there. After that, you will drop that 1000’ all the way down to the shoreline on the west side, following the trail until you get to the top of the switchbacks on the Split Rock Trail. You will go down the switchbacks, and go up a roughly two mile climb (600’ gain) until you get to the next aid station, Elephant Head (11.6 miles). Next up is a 5.5 mile stretch to the White Rock aid station (17.1 miles). This is a drop bag location and the start of the half marathon. A little bit of dirt road running gets you down to the Mountain View Trail and the home stretch. Next up is the Lower Frary aid (24.3 miles). After that, it’s just a cruise to the finish.
If you want other info on the race, there's plenty on the race website. For a gpx file, send me a note.
Won’t that be fun!

Refunds, Rollovers, and Transfers

Here is the policy
I will refund your entry fee PROVIDED the race is full and there is someone on the wait list to take your spot.
This refund is available up to approximately 30 days prior to the race.
If the race is not full, then there is no refund. Within 30 days there is no refund available.
How do you get a refund? Just send me a note through the website contact page.
There are no rollovers for any Buffalo Run Adventures races.
The entry fee you pay is for this year’s race and covers this year’s supplies, fees, insurance, etc. Yes, I know other races allow rollovers, those races clearly have more money to burn than I do.
The best thing to do is to get a refund if the race fills.
Transfers are allowed provided the transfer is made through ultrasignup. Informal or unofficial tranfers are not allowed. It's a liability issue.
If you are out running the race and get hurt and can’t communicate with us, I have no idea who you are, who to contact, etc.
Plus it has the potential to really screw up results.
The best thing to do is to get your refund if the race is full and have your friend just sign up for the race.
Thanks for being understanding!

Discount Codes

I don’t do them….period…..don’t ask….I think they’re stupid…..everyone pays the same price unless you register late, then you’ll pay more than your buddy because you procrastinated.

Aid Stations

We'll have a few aid stations set up for you. The first one will be at North Sentry, roughly 3.5 miles into the race. The next will be Elephant Head. This one is at about 11.6 miles, so a bit over 8 miles from North Sentry. The next one is White Rock Bay, just under 17 miles. You can have a drop bag here. The final aid station is Lower Frary at about 24.6 miles. After that it's the finish line. Stuff will be the typical ultra fare, junk food, water, sports drink of some sort, maybe some gels, fruit.

Stuff You Get

What do you get for running the race? Well, you get free entry on to the island. We'll toss in some sort of tech shirt with the really cool race logo on it. Last year we gave away a little statue to the top male and female. We'll have some random prizes to give away as well.
Also, each aid station will have a cornhole game board. Each runner will get a scorecard in their goody bag. You get four tosses at each aid station. Scores are verified by a volunteer and the top man and woman will get a free entry into a Buffalo Run Adventures race within a year.
We'll also have some buffalo chili for runners and family (family costs a little bit extra, like $7 each). I'll also give away some lunch money to the top three men and women.


Everyone that finishes gets a nifty finisher coffee mug as a small token of your awesome accomplishment, way better than a race medal that gets tossed into your sock drawer.
The 50K overall man and woman will get a trophy of some sort and the top three men and women for both races will get a little bit of spending money.

Other Stuff

You get your bib at check in this year. Packet pickup will be Friday morning starting at 6am. It will be at the park entrance parking lot. There is no early packet pickup. Do Not go past that entrance station without your bib. If you carpool with your friends with the family planning coming out later, the family will have to pay the entrance fee. The park makes up these rules, not me.

Local time: 9:22 PM


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