February 6 - December 31, 2016

H9 Trail Club

Blairsville, GA

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 31, 2016


The H9 trail club is a free spirited group of trail runner who appreciate the wonders of the Duncan Ridge and Cooper Creek recreation area. The club holds annual trail running events that cover distances up to 50 miles. These are hard ass activities that will leave you cursing, weeping, and depositing the contents of your stomach next to the trail. But, hey, some people like that.

The Duncan Ridge Trail (DRT) is one of the most difficult trails to traverse in Georgia. It is unusual in regard to other Appalachian trails in that the DRT is not that technical. There are some rocky and rooty sections, but it is best known for its steep assents and descents - and a general distain for switchbacks. The trail also has a few nasty briar patches to extract a small amount of blood from those that mock it.

The heat index is typically high in the Georgia summers, so this is the best time to experience the H9 and joys of the DRT.

Local time: 8:48 AM

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