Friday, Aug 11, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Bigfoot 200 Endurance Run

Marble Mountain Sno-Park

Mount St. Helens, WA 200 Miler

This Event Took Place Fri. Aug 11, 2017

Register for the Waitlist - Race is sold out

The Bigfoot 200 is sold out but many people will get off the waitlist so if you want to run, please register for the waitlist. To register for our waitlist, please hit "register" on this page. registering for the waitlist is free. If you are selected you will get an email giving you the choice to register or decline entry. You will only be charged if you register at that point.

Dates for the event

Saturday, August 13, 2022 to Wednesday, August 17 at 6 p.m. 107 (4 day 11hr) cut off.

Join us on a 200 mile point to point exploration of the Cascade Mountains of Washington

The Bigfoot 200 is the first ever point to point 200+ mile race in the United States. The Bigfoot 200 is completely original from start to finish. Runners will explore such varied terrain as the otherworldly Volcanic Mount St. Helens (erupted in 1980), long mountaintop ridge lines with stunning forest, mountain and lake views, deep old growth forests as green and thick as a rainforest, misty mountain tops, cross countless streams and rivers and finally a long ridge line with views of the most massive mountains in the Cascade Range and into Randle, WA on their way to completing this massive, life changing event. They might even see a Bigfoot or two… it’s been known to happen in these areas.

Runners will be well supported on their journey with 14 full aid stations. Participants will have 6 sleep stations along the journey and a light breakfast aid station at the start location at Marble Mountain Sno-Park. This is not a stage race. Runners will be timed from the start to the moment they cross the finish line. Time taken for sleeping counts toward a participant’s overall time.

2022 Lottery Info & 2020 COVID Transfers!

Register for the lottery between August 26 - Sept 11! Participants will be drawn from the pool of applicants on Sept 28. Your card on file will be automatically charged if you are drawn. Please keep in mind if your daily limit is below the race fee your card will decline. You can call your bank and raise the daily limit if you are concerned this may happen. Folks whose cards decline will have 2 days to pay before being removed. You will receive an email if this is the case.

A number of spots will be taken by 2020 COVID race transfers, however there will be some spots we will fill with the lottery. We can't be sure how many spots are available until the lottery closes on Sept 11. Those who registered for 2021 with a COVID transfer entry will be ineligible for a transfer to 2022 as we only allow for one transfer. We will announce the 2022 entrants on Sept 28, 2021 Transfers will have their transfer credit automatically show up in their shopping cart. If it doesn't show up and you think you have credit, please email Kristal at BEFORE you register for the lottery.

A waitlist will be created from those who do not make it in through the lottery draw on Sept 28. Registration closes on Sept 11 so please register by that date in order to get a chance to run!

ALL applicants should read the Runner's Manual in FULL before registering as well as our race policies. Please do not register if you do not agree with our policies or rules. Manual here: Click Here

Details on the start

Runners will take a bus from the finish in Randle, WA (White Pass High School) to the start. Ride is 2.25hr to 2.5 hr drive to the start of the race at Marble Mountain Sno-Park. Runners may have crew drive them there as an alternative to taking the bus the race provides. Runners will be allowed to leave a bag of clothes/gear at the start to be transported to the finish.

Local time: 3:34 AM


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