Saturday, Jun 17, 2017
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We have 5 pricing options for you.

EDU/HBU/Glory $180 = Race all 3 of our events. Eastern Divide in June, High Bridge 50k in October, and Old Glory Ultra in November. All events take place in Virginia. Note: If you're running all three races (ultra distances), you might as well join in with the Blue Ridge Ultra Series (you can find it in the search on UltraSignup!)

Divide & Bridge $120 = Race 2 of our events for $120. Eastern Divide in June and High Bridge 50k in October in Farmville VA. These two offer 2 very different courses. Eastern divide and trails and fire road while High bridge is rails to trails with no elevations.

Divide & Glory $120= Race Eastern Divide and Old Glory Ultra. These races are similar as they both take place in southwest Virginia and are on trail and some parts are technical. The trails on Old Glory are significantly more challenging then Eastern Divide, but the distance is a little shorter.

50K - Registration This is only for Eastern Divide 50k.

8 miler registration This is for the 8 miler option at Eastern Divide.


The Eastern Divide Ultra is a scenic 50K trail race through the highlands of southwest VA. The point-to-point course will pass beneath waterfalls, meander through old growth Hemlocks and glide by waist high ferns. While we may not have the grand heights of the West, the Mountain Lake area has an average elevation of 4000', which provides for cooler temperatures and a diverse ecosystem.

NOTE 2019: The course will have to be rerouted to avoid the new clay shooting range at Mountain Lake. Once we have the final course laid out we will be sure to let you know. But we promise to keep the joy of the last 7 miles in tack!

EDU is cupless.

In an effort to be more sustainable and be friendly towards the environment, the Eastern Divide Ultra is now a cupless race. All runners will need to carry their own reusable cup throughout the race to use at aid stations. If you do not have one already, you have the option to purchase one of our TrailAdventure cups (a Hydrapak SpeedCup) when registering and it will be waiting for you at packet pick-up.

Local time: 4:01 PM


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