Saturday, Oct 21, 2017 @ 6:40 AM

Big Backyard Ultra

5125 Millersburg Rd

Bell Buckle, TN Last Man Standing

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 21, 2017


The Backyard Ultra is back for 2019.
The concept is simple.
At 0640 hours on Saturday, October 19, we will start a race around the 4.166667 mile Big Trail.
The time limit will be one hour.
At 0740 hours, we will begin another race around the trail.
We will do the same at 0840, 0940, and so on,
every hour,
until only one runner can complete a race within the time limit.
Any runner not in the starting corral for any race, is not eligible to continue.
No late starts!
If no single runner can complete a race at the end,
there will be no winner.

At 1840 hours, the races will transfer to a road out and back course.
At 0640 hours the following morning, we will return to the trail loop.

Have you ever thought that you could not be beaten,
if only the faster runners were unable to run away and leave you?
This is your chance to find out.
Every surviving runner will be tied for the lead, every hour.

Runners are responsible for their personal aid.
Water will be available throughout the race (mineral water or city water)
Brats and Chili will be served beginning at 1500 hours and continuing until the finish.
Rumor has it, there will be moonshine testing lessons around the campfire.
Crews are allowed, but not necessary.
space for a yard chair and a cooler will be provided for runners near the start/finish (first come-first served),
Runners who give up will be required to vacate their space,
so that survivors can move closer to the starting corral.

All runners will receive a Backyard T-shirt.
Since the original backyard ultra was run,
many replicas have been held around the world.
Most of those races have cutoffs and tiebreakers.
The Big Backyard will continue until but one man is left standing...
no matter how long it takes.
This is a race to the death...

Big's Backyard Ultra. Accept no substitutes!

This is a for profit race.
The entry fee is set to allow enough profit to pay the property taxes on the Big Farm.

Local time: 7:50 AM


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