Saturday, Apr 22, 2017 @ 10:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 22, 2017


You can still register on location on raceday, starting at 8:30AM

After 22 years of slippin’ and trippin’ on some of the best rocks in Reading we’re here again to ensure your entertainment. Egleman’s Park is one of Readings hidden starting points for access to trails recently awarded international status from the cycling world and we’ll be starting and finishing here again. Keeping things local is first and foremost for us, a local food truck for yummy delights and a local brewer who’s all about keeping sports and Reading on the map.


Overall 3M/3F, 18-29: 3M/3F, 30-39: 3M/3F, 40-49: 3M/3F, 50-59: 3M/3F, 60-69: 3M/3F, 70+: 2M/2F B
CASH FOR TOP 3 OVERALL MALE AND FEMALE; 1st=$50, 2nd=$40, 3rd=$30


$25…yep that’s it! Now there are a few rules, still a 400 limit so pay attention. No substitutions allowed. Requests for Substitutions or for refunds will be pondered, we’ll laugh about it but ultimately.... No, and no “carry overs” to following year either.

Bib Pickup

Race starts at 10 A.M. at Egleman’s Park, Reading, PA 19606. All packet pickup occurs that morning. Pickup opens at 8:30 A.M.


An awesome Tee is in the works, all finishers will get a finishers award. The usual post-race goodies will also be available for the runners (oranges, bananas, bagels….) 2-3 water stops, medical help on site, nearby parking. Results will be posted on about 24-48 hrs later. Race is “on” in any kind of weather. Awards will not be mailed.


Engelman's Park, 2116 Hill Rd. Reading, PA 19606
Or if you prefer techy directions:
Latitude : 40.339534 | Longitude : -75.896438

Local time: 8:16 PM


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