December 28 - January 3, 2018
This Event Took Place Wed. Jan 3, 2018

"Run in" the New Year!

Across The Years is a fixed-time multiday running event celebrating the New Year!  Runners have 24, 48, 72 hours or 6 days to cover as much distance as possible.  A true 'go as you please' style race, each runner is free to walk, stop, eat, and sleep whenever they wish, but the clock is always running!

Race Information

More information is located on our Across The Years website! Information on the website includes: course map, race day schedules, pacer & crew information, race perks, and more.

Race entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. For other options, please check out our Race Withdrawal Policy.


Across the Years is held at the beautiful Camelback Ranch located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Camelback Ranch is a state-of-the-art spring training facility for the Los Angles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox.  It opened in March 2009, and features lush greenery, a lake with waterfall, and smooth dirt and gravel walking paths.  The race route is a 1.05 mile loop consisting of 90% dirt paths and 10% asphalt.  The track averages ten feet in width, with a minimum width of 6 feet. Gaiters are recommended.  The facility is only a few miles away from the Westgate City Center, home of the University of Phoenix stadium, shopping, and other attractions.

Around the Clock

Want to kick off your New Year with more of a challenge?

The "Around the Clock" challenge gives participants another opportunity to earn a unique award along with all the bragging rights! We challenge any participant to record at least one lap per hour for the duration of their event. For example, a runner in the 24-hour event would run or walk a
minimum of one lap for each hour in the 24 hours they are competing. The same principle
applies to all fixed time events at ATY. Complete this challenge and earn a custom token of
achievement! Runner’s be weary, this challenge is more difficult than you may think!

New TEAM option!

We award the best team finish to the highest combined mileage in each of the races (24, 48, 72, 6day). Teams are comprised of two runners. Sign-up and make sure you push each to collectively reach the highest goal! (Note: No double dipping- i.e. individual runners who win top three in any race are automatically removed from consideration in the team award category). Register your team here or on our website. Team Signup

Local time: 7:34 AM


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