Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

Tsali Frosty Foot

Tsali Rd

Almond, NC 51K, 50K, 30K, 8K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 20, 2018


Due to the unprecedented current escalation in the COVID pandemic, Tsali Frosty Foot will be going virtual for 2021! To make it super easy for everyone, runners will have the whole month of January during which they can complete their distance. So grab your peeps, get signed up, and get ready for some Frosty Foot fun!

What Are The Rules?

 We’re in this to have fun. So you have to smile at least once during your run!
 Your miles must all be completed in one continuous effort anytime from January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2021.
 Your miles must be intentional and specifically for completing this event. No daily step counting, ellipticals, bicycles, etc. Only distance completed on your feet (or hands/knees) can be counted.
 You must upload your results directly to UltraSignup and make sure they are showing correctly. We will not be doing that for you, so don’t send them to us.
 The results you upload must include the date, distance, exact overall time (start to finish…including stops, rest breaks, etc.), and location. If you are not submitting a GPS file, you must submit other photo documentation (photo of watch reading, treadmill reading, etc.)
 The results you upload to UltraSignup will need to confirm that you have completed at least the distance you registered for to be an official finisher. If they don’t, we will still mail you everything except a finishers medal.
 This is being done on the honor system. We trust our running peeps to be accurate and honest and not game the system. Those who are naughty will invoke the wrath of the running gods, who may forever follow them with bad karma!
 Please, no Perry Mason loophole searching. If you have to ask if something is allowed, then it probably isn’t.
 If something comes up that’s not covered here, let us know. We’ll address it.
 We reserve the right to modify the rules as needed.
 Be prepared for changes. 2020 has already done a great job of that for us, hasn’t it?

What Will I Get?

 Unique custom finishers award
 Long sleeve gender specific shirt (style may vary)
 Beanie
 Some other useful surprise swag

When Will I Get My Stuff?

We will be reviewing and confirming the finisher’s results periodically throughout January that have been uploaded to UltraSignup. Once your results are confirmed, we will mail your finisher’s medal and swag to your UltraSignup address (so make sure it’s correct!).

Are There Deferrals/Refunds/Transfers?

There are no refunds, deferments, or transfers for this event. But since you can do it anytime during the whole month of January, you'll have plenty of time to git 'er done!

In Closing...

We love y’all! Please stay safe and have a great run. We can’t wait to see your accomplishments!

Will Jorgensen and the Tsali Frosty Foot Team

Local time: 7:50 PM


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