Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

Tsali Frosty Foot

Tsali Rd

Almond, NC 51K, 50K, 30K, 8K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 20, 2018


Hey Frosty Footers! I'm Will Jorgensen, the new race director for Tsali Frosty Foot Fest. Along with the rest of our team at Life Wide Open, I'm honored to have taken over the reins for the 2021 Tsali Frosty Foot Fest. I've run the event a couple times before and am super excited to help it continue. A huge thanks to Aaron Saft and his staff for all the hard work they have done to make this event the great experience it has been for so many years. Also to the Forkners for starting this legacy in 2009.

We're hard at work to get the website with all the details updated and available shortly. Since this is the first year for us to direct this, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together through the details to continue the tradition of making this the best possible event for everyone.


Don't you just love the electronic road construction signs that boldly declare "EXPECT DELAYS"? Well, it seems that's how a lot of things are in life right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled or dramatically changed how we usually do a lot of things in 2020....and likely will for quite some time to come unless there is a miracle shortly. It's been totally crazy hasn't it? Just like you, we really bummed and don't like it either, but we're all in this together.

We are still going to do our best to make this event happen for you while keeping it safe for all. But we've got to all work together and make whatever changes are in everyone's best interest. SO EXPECT CHANGES! For now, here are a few that you will see (there will likely be more...maybe even race day morning):
1) The capacities have been reduced in accordance with Governor Roy Cooper's Executive Order. A waitlist will be maintained and we'll work hard to get everyone possible in while still monitoring/adjusting caps as is allowed/required by governing authorities and/or others and is appropriate.
2) Changes in how aid stations serve runners.
3) There may be social distancing and sanitizing requirements in place.
4) Masks may be required to be worn at the start and finish (and anywhere else people are congregating).
5) There may be wave starts and others changes as needed.

As much as we'd love to see everyone there, here are some reasons we DON'T want you to come:
1) If you have any underlying health conditions that may put you at an increased risk.
2) If you are registered, then prior to race day you become sick or exhibit ANY of the possible symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to anyone who has it, please, PLEASE be considerate of everyone else who's health (and life) you may be risking and DON'T COME! It's not worth it. Stay home and get well.

Also note that at any point, governing authorities or other powers that be may determine that the race must be postponed or canceled. See the Deferral/Refunds/Cancellation section below for further details, should that happen.

Ok, so if you're still good to go, let's do it! By registering, you're affirming your compliance and support with whatever decisions are made. As the race date approaches, look for updates as needed.

We can't wait to enjoy the beautiful world class Tsali trails with you! Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support!


With an 8K, a 30K, and a 50K, the Tsali Trail Races has something for everyone. Even if you've never raced on trails before, Tsali is a great place to make it your first! With gently rolling hills, well groomed trails, and numerous picturesque views of Lake Fontana, Tsali is a great event to start off your new year. This will be the 11th year for the event. The trails are calling...will you answer?

Packet Pickup Will Start in Lower Lot at 6:30AM on the 23th.

50k - 8AM
30k - 9AM
8k - 10AM


50k - 50 Runners
30k - 50 Runners
8k - 50 Runners
Tsali Frosty Foot has a history of selling all of it's spots! If the race does reach capacity, a waitlist will be opened and spots will be opened based on the event in which the spot opened for. For example, if a 50k spot opens up, that spot will be offered to the first person on the waitlist wanting to do the 50k.

Cut-offs/Time Limits

30k - ALL Runners have 8 hours to complete the race

50k - ALL Runners must be through the final staffed Aid Station (9 miles to go) by 3:30PM.


As much as we'd like to, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, DEFERMENTS, OR TRANSFERS OF ENTRY FEES, BIBS, ETC., REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES, INCLUDING EVENT CANCELLATION. THIS ALSO INCLUDES SELLING/GIVING YOUR BIB TO SOMEONE ELSE. Many of the items (such as shirt gender/size) are custom ordered many weeks ahead of time. So please don't even ask. However, if you are unable to attend this year, simply hop on UltraSignup and cancel your registration PRIOR TO the close of registration (January 16, 2021). Then 50% of your registration fee will automatically roll over as a credit towards your future entry in this or any other Life Wide Open event. A list of the events can be seen here:

Make-Up Date

Understanding that we have had to postpone the race in the past, by registering you are accepting the fact that the if the race has to be postponed, the make-up date will be Jan. 30, 2021. There will be no refunds if you cannot make the make up date as the date has been advertised and you are accepting that you will be available if this make-up date is necessary.


A long sleeve gender specific crew neck tech shirt
Swag bag
Some other really cool swag
Full race support
Unique finishers awards
Finishers meal ticket (pizza)

Course Maps/Website

Course Maps:
Our shiny new website is still currently under construction, so it is not complete/accurate yet. We'll update this as soon as it's ready and provide the link. Thanks for your patience.

Aid Stations

(Tentative Menu)
PB and J
(Weather/Logistics Permitting) HOT VEGGIE BROTH

Volunteers Needed!

It takes a whole village to successfully put on an event like this. We'll be posting some volunteer positions shortly. Beside the joy and satisfaction in giving back and helping to make this event possible, each volunteer slot will also earn you a credit towards any future Life Wide Open event. So get ready to grab your spot(s) when they're posted. If you'd like to be a part of this event in a bigger way, reach out to us via the "Ask A Question" portal. We'd love to talk!


Sleep Inn Bryson City - 828-488-0326 (We are working with them to get a discounted rate for our Frosty Footers)
Fontana Village - 828-498-2211 (We are working with them to get a discounted rate for our Frosty Footers).

We Look Forward to Seeing You at Tsali!

Check out our website for all the details. Hop over to Facebook for all the chatter. Get signed up before it fills. (Shirts size guaranteed to those registering by Dec 15th, 2020.) Be sure to tell all your peeps too. The more the merrier! Then grab your stuff and get ready to join us!

Local time: 1:04 PM


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