April 28 - 29, 2018

Tillamook Burn

Reehers Camp

Tillamook State Forest, OR 50K, 20 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. Apr 29, 2018


Welcome to The Burn, Daybreak Racing's original event. The 50 Mile race is on Saturday, April 30, 2022 and the 50K race on Sunday, May 1, 2022. Both races start and finish at historic Reehers Camp (a former CCC camp) in the lush and rugged Tillamook State Forest, halfway between Portland and the Oregon Coast. Prepare for rumbling waterfalls, brisk stream crossings and a million shades of green, as brilliant foliage, ferns and blossoms line every inch of the course.


The mountainous, temperate Tillamook Rainforest in Northwestern Oregon is steeped in history, most notably, the legendary “Tillamook Burn” forest fires that consumed 355,000 acres of colossal old growth forest from 1933-1951. One of the largest tree replanting campaigns in human history led to the formation of the Tillamook State Forest in 1974. Today, a lush second-growth forest thrives here, offering dozens of miles of exceptional single-track trails for us to enjoy, while showcasing hundreds of massive, emblematic “grey ghost” snags and charred stumps-- enduring relics of the vast old growth rainforest that reigned here prior to the Tillamook Burn.

50 Miler

The Tillamook Burn 50 miler is a springtime gem and the perfect kick start to your mountain/ultra/trail running season. It is a deeply forested two-pronged out-and-back course, run almost entirely on singletrack trail. The format of the course and accessibility for crew also make this a wonderfully social and well-supported race.

The route straddles the Oregon Coast Range mountain divide starting from Reehers Camp down to the Hwy 6 recreation corridor and back, involving 9000 ft. of ascent and 9000 ft. of descent. There are 8 aid stations along the course and a generous 14 hour overall time limit.


The Tillamook Burn 50K is a beautifully tough, heavily forested out-and-back course, run almost entirely on singletrack trail. The route traverses the Oregon Coast Range mountain divide from Reehers Camp to University Falls and back, involving 31.8 miles, 7000 ft. of ascent and 7000 ft. of descent. There are 5 full aid stations along the course and a generous 9 hour time limit.


In an effort to encourage greater trail work participation within the ultra/trail running community, and in recognition of the sport's considerable demand and reliance on public lands, all 50 mile race entrants (50K participants encouraged) will need to contribute 4 hours at any organized trail work party. An acceptable alternative is volunteering 6 hours at any official ultramarathon event. Dates of completion should be between July 1, 2021 and April 15, 2022. We will host at least one trail work party in the spring that will fulfill this requirement, and we would love your participation-- date and location TBA.

About Daybreak Racing

Daybreak Racing presents unique Pacific NW trail running races including Tillamook Burn, Backcountry Rise and Wy'east Howl. Our goal is to share some of our area's most beautiful trails and reward your effort with friends, food, music and memories.

Adventure begins at Daybreak.

Cancellation Policy

Please visit our website to review the cancellation policy: https://www.daybreakracing.com/policies

Local time: 2:39 PM


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