September 21 - 23, 2018

Three Days of Trail Running Bliss

The Golden Ultra is a three-day stage running race in Golden, BC, Canada. Runners may participate in all three stages solo or may register for any single or combination of stages separately.

The Golden Ultra

The full Golden Ultra is an 85 km stage race including a vertical km ("Blood"), 60 km ("Sweat") and half marathon ("Tears").

Friday, September 21 -> Vertical KM "Blood"
Saturday, September 22 -> 60 km "Sweat"
Sunday, September 23 -> Half Marathon "Tears"

The Half Pint

The Half Pint is a 45 km stage race including a 3 km climb ("Climb"), 30 km ("Conquer"), and 10 km ("Cruise").

Friday, September 21 -> 3 km "Climb"
Saturday, September 22 -> 30 km "Conquer"
Sunday, September 23 -> 10 km "Cruise"

Mix and Match

You are welcome to register for any combination of the individual stages - for example, the vertical KM, the 30 km and the half marathon. While you won't be ranked in the overall stage race you will receive a ranking in each distance you do.


Prices include sales tax and credit card processing fees but exclude Ultra Signup fees. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

Local time: 7:54 AM


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