Saturday, Dec 1, 2018 @ 6:00 AM

4 Fore 30

367 C.C. Blair Drive

Camdenton, MO Last Man Standing

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 1, 2018

About 4 Fore 30

Online registration has now closed. However, you can still register on race day. If you are planning on participating, we would appreciate you dropping us an email at just to let us know, but it's not required.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery....or so they say. That's why many of you may recognize the format of the race as being similar to Big's Backyard Ultra. However, for our first year, we will have a time limit. Here's how it works....

Anyone can be a winner. At 6:00am on Saturday, December 1, 2018 everyone will line up at the start and have 1 hour to complete the 4 mile loop around the golf course. Go as fast or as slow as you want, just be done in an hour, because... at 7:00am everyone lines up to do the next loop. At the top of each hour, the process repeats until there is only one person remaining.

The race will be limited to 30 hours in 2018, so if more than 1 person makes it through the first 29 hours, the winner will be determined by the person that completes the 30th and final lap in the shortest time.

All runners will receive a race t-shirt and a meal coupon for use at the golf course restaurant. Other items will be awarded to participants that complete a set number of loops (more on that soon).

100% of profits will go to the Kids' Harbor Child Advocacy Center.


$90 through October 31, 2018
$100 from November 1 until race day.
We cover all registration processing fees so you don't have to.

Start and Time Limit

The race will start at 6:00am on Saturday, December 1 and will continue until there is only one person able to complete a full loop, or 30 hours has elapsed.

Race Size

The race is limited to 100 runners.

Course description

The course will use the cart paths of Lake Valley Golf and Country Club. You are not required to stay on the paths. You can run in the grass next to the paths if you prefer.

A final map will be available at a later date. Our intention is to run the cart paths on the full 18 holes through the duration of the event. However, if the weather should be unseasonably nice, the course will be open to golfers on the back 9 holes during the day, and the race will take place on the paths of the front 9 holes until it is dark enough that golfers will no longer be out. If that is necessary, two loops of 9 holes will equal 1 loop of 18 holes.

Aid Station

There will be a single aid station at the start-finish line. Portable toilets will be available there. Runners, crew and spectators will also have access to restrooms and the restaurant inside the golf course pro shop.


Several hotels and motels are available a short drive from the course. A discount rate is available at Old Kinderhook. Look for details on our website.


Runners will receive a coupon for a hot meal at the golf course restaurant for use anytime during the event. Crew and spectators will also have access to the restaurant for the duration of the event. A full menu will be available.


The start-finish area will bet lit (figuratively and literally) but you will want to to carry a headlamp or flashlight with you during the night hours. Due to inconsistencies in the cart paths and other potential obstacles, it will be a good idea to see where you are going.


We realize that different people will have different goals during this race. Most of the field is not trying to win, but just trying to reach a personal goal. Therefore, runners can have a non-registered runner on the course with them from sunset Saturday through the 29th lap. However, if a runner makes it to the final lap, they must run alone.


Sorry, but there will be no refunds for cancellations after November 14. However, you may transfer your registration to someone else until race day.

Local time: 9:40 PM


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