December 1 - 31, 2018

Dreadmill 48 Hour Endurance Challenge

Rocky Mount, VA

Various, United States 100 Miler, 48hrs

This Event Took Place Mon. Dec 31, 2018

Dreadmill 48 Hour Endurance Challenge

Too cold outside? Wind blowing too hard? Tired of sitting around? How about something different? 100 miles on a treadmill! What no treadmill at home? Split it up over two days! 48 hours to do 100 Miles (yes all on a treadmill). Welcome to the Dreadmill 48 Hour Endurance Challenge!

The Dreadmill 48 Hour Endurance Challenge is a virtual event. Any two days that you choose in December. This option is open for you to pick whenever you want to run. You have 48 hours to get as many miles possible in the timed event. You can also register for the 100 mile event that will be tracked by time not distance. This is a zero profit event so 100% of the proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Association for Alzheimer Research.

This event will need proof of distance. This can be done by sending an email or making a Facebook post tagging the page with the time and date stamp showing when you started your 48-hour clock. Take breaks anytime you want. Each time the treadmill stops, capture your distance with a time and date stamp.

Any time and date stamp after the 48-hour clock will not count. If you stopped several times. Send all the captured photos that add up to equal your entire distance. If you reach 100 miles in the 48-hour time limit, we will send you a buckle. Both the 48 hour event and the 100 mile event have a 48 hour cutoff. A buckle can be earned in either event. However, if you register for the 100 mile event for time and do not reach the distance it is a DNF unlike the 48 hour which is only distance and not time.

Local time: 12:31 AM


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