Saturday, Aug 11, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

The Trident

1800 South US Highway 1

Jupiter, FL 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 11, 2018

Cancelled Event


We have cancelled/postponed the 2020 event due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The new date is Saturday, August 14, 2021! All registered runners will be rolled-over into next year’s event and all waitlist people will retain their spots!

***COVID Update***

Please refer to our website ( for details - Conditions in Palm Beach County continue to change. For the Trident, we plan to have a final decision 1 month from race day (by 7/8/20). For registered racers, please plan travel accordingly if you are joining from out of state, and avoid booking flights/hotels/etc until you hear official word!

Run the ancient sand dunes!

Jupiter Ridge Natural Area is one of the last stands of Florida Coastal Scrub habitat in Palm Beach County. Only 2% of original Scrub in the county and less than one-third of the original Scrub in the state remain today. A gently rolling landscape of prickly, dense thickets spotted with bare patches of sparkling white sand, these 271 acres are protected by Palm Beach County as part of a countywide system of natural areas. Over 200 species of plants and animals call this home.

These natural areas are managed by the Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management team, and we are tremendously fortunate to be working with them to make this race a reality.

The Trident portion of Jupiter Ridge Natural Area is ran on the dunes south of the FPL easement road. These dunes have remained unchanged since the last ice age over 2 million years ago and contain “peaks” that are the highest natural points in Palm Beach County!

Pick Your Poison!

The 3rd Annual Trident Trail Half Marathon returns on Saturday, August 8, 2020, at HIGH NOON! For our third year, we are bringing you 3 races to choose from!

1. Our original Trident Trail Half Marathon that starts at high noon! Same misery, same 4 hour cutoff! It’s the OG race that so many of you love to hate and hate to love!

2. The Trident Twilight Half Marathon! The same version of the day Trident, but it starts at 8 p.m. with a midnight cutoff! This one is going to be a party! A festival of suffering, a party in the scrub! Wear your brightest and most outrageous running attire!

3. The Maratón de las Muertes! Run BOTH the day and night races for a very special, very unique FULL MARATHON of badassness, and quite possibly the coolest, most hard earned finishers award we’ve offered!

The Maratón de las Muertes

Run BOTH the day and night versions of the Trident for a ridiculous 26.2 mile marathon of pain and suffering! You’ll get over 2,000 feet of elevation gain entirely on sugar sand dunes! You’ll face the heat and horseflies of the day, and the humidity and mosquitoes of the night! And, you’ll have 4+ hours in between to convince your body to go one more round with the Ridge.

Maratón runners must complete BOTH events in the allotted times for each or they will be listed as DNF for the entire event.

Maratón finishers will receive an award that is ONLY AVAILABLE to finishers. Flaunt it with pride. Or shame. Whichever applies.

Race Day Details!

- Parking/Shuttle:

Because the public parking lot at Jupiter Ridge Natural Area is small; less than 10 spots, and because it’s about a half mile to the race starting line, we are providing you a shuttle from an off-site parking lot located at Marcinski Road and Ocean Blvd, right next to the beach. This parking lot has restrooms with real toilets and running water; it will be your last opportunity to use real plumbing before the race, should you need/want to.

The shuttle van will be picking up and dropping off approximately every 10 minutes.


You may be dropped off, but your drop-off person must also use off-site parking if they intend on staying for the race. Jupiter Ridge is open for usual business on race day and we want to keep it clear for visitors not affiliated with the race.

We have rented a nice, new, comfortable, air-conditioned van to take you to the race in style. Please take advantage of it. If you park in the Jupiter Ridge lot, you may be asked to move your car. We are not responsible for anyone getting ticketed or towed because they didn’t follow these instructions.

- Bags/Coolers:

Each runner may have 1 (one) small bag or a small cooler to take with them to the race site. You will be provided with sufficient aid at the race, but if you want anything extra, bring it with you. Nothing larger than a standard duffel bag, please.

- Their Rules/Our Rules:

Jupiter Ridge Natural Area is a protected, environmentally sensitive site owned by Palm Beach County, and managed by Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management. When we are on their property, we must abide by their policies which are as follows:

- no smoking
- no hunting
- no feeding wildlife
- no alcohol
- no discharging firearms
- no pets or domestic animals
- no bicycles or motor vehicles
- no collecting plants or animals

We, as Race Directors, have our own rules, and breaking these will get you disqualified and possibly barred from racing in any of our future events:

- Course cutting/cheating: this one is an automatic disqualification. Zero tolerance. ‘Nuff said.

- Littering: we don’t mean if a Gu wrapper accidentally falls out of your pocket. We mean flagrant littering, knowingly discarding of garbage on the trails.

- Damaging environmentally sensitive plants by going off-course, handling of any animals you might encounter during your race. The race takes place entirely on the double-track sugar sand roads and there should be no reason to go wandering off into the bushes. We will have porta-pottys at the start/finish line, so you’ll have sufficient access to toilets during your race.

- Being Rude To Volunteers:

Our volunteers are quite simply the best, and we love them wholeheartedly. These folks are the backbone of our races, some of which will be sacrificing time with their families, or missing work to come and stand in the heat, getting bit repeatedly by horseflies to help you finish your race. They are to be treated like the rock stars they are. Our volunteers are fellow ultrarunners, race directors, and generally positive, high-energy, fun-loving people who want to help you achieve your goals. We don’t condone or accept disrespectful behavior toward them.


As this race is brought to you by the same folks who brought you the Sand Spur, you can expect the same level of goodies and bling, including amazing finishers medals, shirts, stickers, and other goodies! You'll also be escorted to and from the race site to a nearby public parking area in an air conditioned van. We'll also have custom top finishers awards for the top male and female winners. Aid stations will be stocked with plenty of ice, water, liquid fuel, chilled fruit, and other goodies! The race will be professionally and accurately timed by our friends Justin and Jill at Trailhead Ultras and results will be posted to Ultrasignup shortly after the race.

The Horrible Half & Full

The race itself, both the day and night version, is an out-and-back "loop" of 3.29 miles repeated 4 times for a distance of 13.1 miles. While it's not an ultra marathon, it is very much an endurance event. This race is held during the hottest, most humid time of the year, with a noon start time for the day Trident, and an 8 p.m. start time for the night Trident. August temperatures can peak in the 90's during the middle of the day, and humidity hovers around the 70-80% mark making for a ridiculous heat index topping 110+ degrees! The white sand temperatures blaze to a searing 120+ degrees! Heat management is crucial. This race is not for everyone. The course is made up entirely of ancient sand dunes, some of it very soft and fluffy, with some gentle rollers and some outright steep climbs. This is the only Half Marathon in south Florida that will give you 1,200+ feet of elevation gain over the entire distance. Combine the brutal terrain with the unrelenting heat and humidity, and you're running easily the most challenging trail half marathon in Florida.

There is a strict 4 hour cutoff time for both the day and night events! Day Trident runners must have completed all 4 loops by 4 p.m., or they will be listed as Did Not Finish in their results. Night Trident runners must be finished with all 4 loops by midnight! We will have a “soft cutoff” an hour before each race’s finishing time. Race management reserves the right to remove anyone from the course who displays distress above and beyond "normal and expected" for this type of event. We will have a medical staff on hand who will be evaluating runners as they make their way through the race.

Same rules apply for the night version! You must be on your last lap by 11 p.m. or you will not be permitted to continue. Think the night version will be easier? Think unrelenting mosquitoes and 100% humidity!

Refunds & Rollovers

Register early and register with confidence! This year, we are offering full refunds (less the Ultrasignup fee) all the way up until April 1st, 2020. After that, if you drop, your registration fee will become a donation to the Palm Beach County Natural Areas Program which helps promote and maintain sites like Jupiter Ridge Natural Area.

Or, you can forfeit your registration and roll it over into the 2021 Trident. We’re easy. We’ll work with you.

Local time: 11:42 AM


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