Saturday, Jan 19, 2019 @ 6:00 AM

HURT 100

2131 Makiki Heights Drive

Honolulu, HI HURT 100 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 19, 2019

HURT Update 01/12/20


See important race details below:

Current Weather / Future Weather / Weather Impact on the HURT Trails (Oahu):

Recent high winds and heavy rains may result in poor trail conditions. While we are hopeful that conditions will improve leading up to the event, January weather on O’ahu is very unpredictable. If you go out for any training runs prior to HURT, please be cautious. Always check the weather before heading out on the trail.

Currently, the HURT course is mired in water, mud, and fallen trees. HURT worked with Hawaii DLNR to once again manicure the trails this past weekend and remove fallen trees to the best of our abilities.

While we have no control over Mother Nature and the State’s response to such (Flash Flood Warning will close the trails on the affected county), an advance notice may help in the event that something needs to be changed prior to or during the course of the event due to the weather. While we correspond with DLNR often, we would like to point you to the following Facebook link so that you can follow as well.

Oahu Na Ala Hele
Please report any hazards or other trail issues using the trail report form link below.
Weather Forecast from The National Weather Service:…
Na Ala Hele Trail Report Form:

Important Race Links:

Ultrasignup will have live updates as the event unfolds. Family and friends can follow you

New this year! The Pirates of Paradise are celebrating this very special 20th running of the HURT 100 by offering a new feature. Between 10 am on Saturday and 6:00 am on Sunday, runners and their pacers may order via smartphone off a short list of hot food options that will be prepared and waiting for you upon your arrival into Manoa. It’s super easy – just place your order at the top of the switchbacks on your way down into the Manoa aid station.
Go to to read more. You will find instructions on how to create an icon for your phone’s home screen. This feature is for runners and pacers only. Aloha!

Halau Ku Mana Parking Approved:

HURT has obtained approval from Halau Ku Mana Charter School (2101 Makiki Heights Drive) for parking from 4:15 am on 1/18/20- 6:30 pm on 1/19/20. We are not permitted to park at Halau Ku Mana on 1/17/20 for the pre-race brief. Please car- pool, Uber, Lyft, Taxi to the brief. Parking rules have been placed in your run bag, read them.

Please see the other updates below


HURT 100

HURT Update 12/31/19


Are you ready to rumble in the jungle? We thought so! See important race details below:

Bib Assignments:

Bib assignments have been posted at
Click on the appropriate race (HURT 100 Miler, 20 Mile Legacy Run) to get your bib.

Dropping from Event Prior To Start:

If you need to drop from the event prior to the start, contact Jeff Huff at so you avoid the cursed Did Not Start (DNS) label and future penalties.

Manoa Falls Closure Weekdays:

We know you are eager to preview portions of the course on days leading up to the event. We need to request that you do not hike up to Manoa Falls prior to the event. The Hawaii State DLNR has closed the Manoa Falls trail Monday-Friday to do trail work mitigation. They continue to open the trail on weekends to hikers and runners, including the HURT event. We need your Kokua (help). Please avoid this portion of trail on any pre-race preview runs. (It is already a super-highway.) It is incredibly difficult to obtain permits for events on public lands, so don’t be that person that DLNR comes to HURT about regarding non-compliance.

Pre-Race Brief:

Friday, 1/17/20 at Nature Center. Runner’s pick up your runner bag which will have your bib inside. Remember to bring it on race day. Pick up begins at 1330, with the trail brief starting promptly at 1430. Please see parking rules below as Halau Ku Mana will be finishing their school day at the same time. Do not use Halau Ku Mana for parking on 1/17/20. Aside from the swag in the bag, you will also find a parking permit (read and follow the instructions) and a course map (carry it with you on race day). Do not bring your drop bags to the pre- race brief; we will collect the bags on race morning.

Race Day Check In (Mandatory for All) at Nature Center:

HURT 100 milers: check in starting at 0445, race start time 0600.
Legacy 20: check in starting at 0700, race start time 0830.

HURT 100 and Legacy 20 are Cup-less Events:

HURT has gone cup-less, in your runner bag you will have a collapsible cup to be used at all aid stations. Please carry the cup with you throughout the event.

Banquet Tickets / Refund:

On 12/31/19 we discontinued sales of banquet tickets on Ultrasignup. While we have a few left, those in need are asked to see Carl Gammon at the pre-race brief to purchase. (Cash or Check only.) 12/31/19 was also the last day for refund of banquet tickets.

We look forward to seeing you all at the 20th running of the HURT 100.


HURT 100

Must Read HURT 2020

As you approach your tapering phase for the 2020 HURT 100 and begin your race day preparations, there are three important items that we need to make you aware of:

1. NO Crew Access at Nuuanu Aid Station throughout the event:

The HURT Board recently met and despite our greatest efforts to solve the issues with allowing crews access to Nuuanu, we must maintain the overall Aloha spirit of the race by NOT allowing crew access at this location throughout the event. Through the years, there have been numerous car break-ins, congested roadways, frequent visits from Honolulu Police Department, the inability to secure parking for our volunteers, and some negative comments from the community residents. It was a very difficult decision for the Board, and we understand the impact it may have on you all. However, in an attempt to maintain a sound working relationship with our City and County partners, and Nuuanu residents, we need to be proactive to nurture our permitting process, thus the decision was made.

If you have a pacer meeting you at Nuuanu they are not allowed to park their car at Nuuanu, rather they need to get to Nuuanu by some other means (Lyft, Uber, Taxi). HPD will not hesitate to have cars towed.

Please remember that the other two aid stations, Makiki and Manoa, are fully accessible to crews and welcome all crews and supporters after the runners’ first loop is completed.

2. Parking:

Parking a vehicle at HURT is difficult at best. We strongly encourage car-pooling, use of Lyft, Uber, or the local taxi services. If you are a solo runner with no crew, please utilize one of the aforementioned methods to get to and from the event. More details will be forthcoming with parking opportunities and our parking permit situation.

3. Hydration Drink:

We are pleased to announce that Skratch Labs is generously providing their Lemon-Lime Hydration mix for all our aid stations this year. Additionally, Skratch Labs is offering a 25% discount for HURT runners on their website to those who use the code HURT25 when purchasing their delicious, made-from-scratch products.

More details regarding the event will be coming in the near future, we just wanted to inform you all of the above three items, so you are better prepared for the 2020 HURT 100.


HURT 100

Important HURT 100 Information

HURT has a post-race banquet each year at the Mid Pacific Country Club. The banquet is utilized as the awards ceremony, and in addition we recognize all our finishers and hand out special awards throughout the evening, inclusive of HURT 100 mile first time finisher's. Time will be spent reviewing the stories from the weekend with much banter about all that transpired throughout the event.

The banquet (no hosted bar) for the 2020 HURT 100 will be held on 1/20/20 from 5 pm – 9 pm. The entry fee to the HURT 100 does not include any banquet tickets for entered runners, this is simply an add on event at the HURT. If you have interest in attending the post-race banquet you can purchase tickets(s) at Refunds for the banquet will be accepted until 12/31/19.

As of 12/14/2019, we have just 22 remaining tickets available for purchase. The event is selling out fast.

For those who need to drop out of the event prior to the start please email of your intent to do so. Recall the date to get a partial refund for your race fee is 11/17/19. For those who don't drop but accept a DNS at the HURT 100, we will not consider your registration for 3 years from your HURT DNS date.

HURT would like to commend you all for the trail work initiative. You have all revitalized many trails. We achieved a 100% compliance rate. We are extremely proud of all your fine efforts.

HURT 100

Saturday, January 18, 2020 (06:00) - Sunday, January 19, 2020 (18:00). Minor hills above the city of Honolulu (island of O‘ahu, state of Hawai‘i).

Event Overview:

100 miles over 5 laps (partial out and backs) in a semi-tropical rain forest.

24,500 feet of cumulative elevation gain (and 24,500 feet of cumulative loss) over the course of 100

99% single-track trails, 1% asphalt.

Moderately packed soil, generously interspersed with roots, rocks, puddles, and mud wallows. Narrow trails through forest, along exposed ridges, and past vertical embankments.

20 stream crossings (four per lap).

Three aid stations per lap.

36-hour time limit.

The HURT 100 is a pre-registration event with a lottery. There are no charges incurred to the runner to enter the lottery.
Annually the HURT 100 receives in excess of 500 plus applicants for the 125 slots. Selection of the 125 entrants is via a weighted lottery based upon the questions posed on Ultrasignup.

Please read the book of HURT at to determine if this event is for you.

Beginning with the 2020 run, 8 hours of trail work is required. If your name is on the list at, you are good to go. If your name is not on the list, you need to get after it.

HURT 100 Trail Work Requirement

For those accepted into the HURT 100, 8 hours of trail work is required to be submitted prior to 11/15/19 to verify your entry slot. Details of the trail work requirement can be found at Additionally trail work requirements and the refund policy can be found in the Book of HURT at For those who have already downloaded and completed their trail work forms, please submit your form promptly to

Frequently asked Questions on the trail work requirement can be found at

We will maintain a list of trail work completed file by runner as we move forward and update every other week. The list for those who have completed the work can be found at

Local time: 1:52 PM


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