Saturday, Oct 20, 2018 @ 9:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 20, 2018

Race introduction

Oh oh oh you found your self on the Oxbow Races Page! Mozel Tov! (Congratulations!) You did it, you made it to the race page! I knew you could do it! I believed in you every step of the way, and you proved all the others wrong. Good for you! I’m proud. So, now you must be wondering what IS the Oxbow Races page? It is a magical race filled with magical unicorns and fairies! No just kidding, this is just my humor and I like to incorporate it into my race descriptions. Anyway, my name is Anthony Bucci, I am the race director and I believe I have a good one for you. I am very pleased to announce these races.

This is the inaugural Oxbow Races where it’s nothing but sweet, sweet winding trails through beautiful forest scenery that runs right by the Sandy River. These races are all within just 35 minutes from downtown PDX! Here you will be greeted with deer (a female deer, oh deer!, please don’t feed the deer) with beautiful yet somewhat challenging trails, and excellent views of the Sandy River! Seriously this place is great!

The race is 100% trails with approximately 1,000ish ft of gain in the 8 miler and about 500ish in the 10k. The trail is moderately technical at times, but both distances are mostly runnable. People run these trails all the time, including myself.

A little bit about me... It is a goal/dream in my life to inspire others to get outdoors, and active. I have received feedback from my other events from people saying that this was their first ever trail race, that it was fun and beautiful, and that they never would have known it was there if it hadn’t of been for the event. That is 100% the reason why I put on these races! That, and to make a living. I mean a girls gotta eat riaght?! Now onto the good deets!


Race date: October 20th 2018

Both Races start time: 9:00 A.M. check-in @ 8:00, until 8:50 A.M.

Race distances & prices:

• 10k - $35 until August 1st -
$40 until September 1st -
$45 until October 1st -
$50 until race day which will be $55

• 8 miler $45 until August 1st -
$50 until September 1st -
$55 until October 1st
$60 until race day which will be $65

Race Location: Oxbow Regional Park
3010 SE Oxbow Pkwy, Gresham, OR 97080
(503) 663-4708

Other deets:
There will be top finisher prizes, and randomly given prizes so there’s that!
Huge Thank you to sponsors from Therapeutic associates, Fleet Feet PDX, Sportland Tea and more!

FREE Race photos from Bucci Photography and FREE coffee from Pioneer coffee
Race shirts will be for sale online and whatever is left at the race along with some other possible merch.


Now for the rules cause y’all know we gotta have rules.

Number 1. Be smart and safe.
Just have common sense and courtesy for the trails, and your fellow runners. I'm sure you are all stand-up citizens with perfect trail etiquette, but I just have to mention...

Number 2. No pets allowed.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!! I freaking looooove pets, but they are not allowed in the park. If you ask, I’ll show you a picture of my dog. she’s on my iPhone screen saver.

Number 3. There is a parking fee which is $5 for cars and $7 for busses. Please do CARpool and be eco friendly while saving money.

Number 4. No cups will be provided. Not only is it my rule at all my events to try to be eco friendly, but it’s also the parks' rule. PLEASE bring your own water vessel. I will have water available to fill water bottles at the start, and at all of the aid stations. Hydration is key, so please remember to bring your water bottle!

Number 5. Have fun!
Nuff said

Event's current local time: 6:58 AM PT


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