Saturday, Mar 23, 2019 @ 6:45 AM

Lake Martin 100

1 Our Children's Hwy

Alexander City, AL 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 27 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 23, 2019

Refund Policy - Receiver Full Credit. Refund or Deferral

If you were registered for the "Real" Lake Martin 100, 50 or 27 that was to take place March 28th and 29, you have three options for your registration. You may 1) Defer your entry to 2021 LM Races, 2) Receive a 100% credit to be used for any future Southeastern Trail Runs race or races, including the 2021 LM races or 3) Receive a 100% refund on your race entry.

The LM100 has been Rescheduled as a Virtual Race

You may run the virtual race anytime between March 21st and March 29th. Follow the rules below. After you complete your run, go to Ultrasignup and register.

Race Cancelled, thank you COVID-19 So Run the Virtual LM 100, 50 or 27

Russell Lands asked us to cancel the 2020 Lake Martin 100, 50 & 27. We are obligated to follow the lead. We are very sorry to have to do this. We had a bunch of requests for a "Virtual Lake Martin 100, 50 & 27." We are going to do just that. We will set up registration on Ultrasignup. "Register AFTER YOUR RUN." If we have at least 10 finishers in each distance we will be able to post the results on Ultrasignup and we will give place awards. Here are the rules and how it works.

You may run the 100, 50 or 27. You do not need to contact us in advance, just run, recording your run with a GPS device and send us the file. Strava would be best. Please, (required) take a "selfie" or have someone take your picture at the start of your run and the end, and along the way if you wish. Also, take a photo of your GPS watch at the start and end. We will post those photos on our Lake Martin Facebook page so smile!!

The rules are simple - Pick your course.
1) You will need to run on trails or gravel roads, or both mostly. Since almost all 100s have paved road section, (except Lake Martin) some roads are fine. Trail loops are also fine. (Running around a paved loop does not count!)
2) Run any time between now and March 29th. IF possible, start at 6:45 AM Saturday but that's not critical.
3) Since you may be running self-supported we will allow 34 hours for the 100. (+/- a little)
4) Your run must be continuous. That is, You cannot run 50 miles Friday, go home and sleep Friday night and go back and run the last 50 Saturday. You can take as many breaks as you need or even sleep as long as the complete the run within the time limit.
5) To have your time listed as official and receive a finisher medal or buckle, you must send us a link to your "Strava" or other GPS file so we can verify your run.
6) You do not have to run the distance you were registered to run at LM. (If you signed up for the 100, you are welcome to run the 27 or 50 and visa-versa.)
7) The Virtual Lake Martin races are for anyone. It is not just for those that were actually registered for the LM 100, 50 and 27. If you would like to run, "have at it!"
8) You may have a pacer. The pacer may run as much or as little as you or they want. If your pacer runs the entire 100, send the pacers Strava data and they will be an official finisher too.

You do not need to contact us in advance. Run your race and send us the data and photos. The fee to do the virtual race is $50 for the 100 and $40 for the 50 & 27. That will cover the cost of the shirts and finisher medals or buckles and shipping. After you finish your race, send the Strava or GPS file to me at Originally, I asked runners to mail a check to us after their run. I have now set the race up on Ultrasignup, so just register for the virtual race right here. The shirt and award will be sent via USPS. If we have enough runners in the virtual race we will also send out place awards. If you have friends that did not register for the Lake Martin race, they are welcome to run the virtual race too. The results will be posted on Ultrasignup as long as each distance has 10 finishers. We will post the results on the LM 100 website.
I hope we see everyone of you next year at Lake Martin or come run Blood Rock in December!
David Tosch
Southeastern Trail Runs

The Tentative date for the 2021 race is March 20 & 21. Please join us then.

Do NOT Register until you have completed our run.

Wait to resister for the "Virtual Lake Martin 100, 50 or 27" until after you run.

Local time: 11:17 PM


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