Saturday, Jul 20, 2019

Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs

Carson City, NV 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 55K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 20, 2019

Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs 2021

Come play with us at 8,000 Feet over looking the Jewel of the Sierra, Lake Tahoe!


The Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run has a new start and finish venue at Western Nevada College in Carson City, NV. All three races will be run on single-track trails and dirt roads within Carson City, Spooner State Park and on the Tahoe Rim Trail located within the state park and on National Forest land all at or above 8,000 feet of elevation. The start will take you from Carson City to the top of Snow Valley Peak, a 4,200 foot climb! Runners will still experience all the same major aid stations they know and love, Hobart, Tunnel Creek and Diamond Peak.
What goes up must come down! The course ends with a 15-mile single track 3,000 foot decent back to Western Nevada College. But make no mistake, there is nothing simple about the 100 mile course, it will be closer to 102 miles with about 22,000 of elevation gain. Please refer to the event website for a course description, elevation profile, and finishing times to get a better perception of the difficulty of this course. We will have GPS tracking on each 100 mile , and possibly 50 mile runners.
All runners must be sufficiently prepared for all trail and environmental conditions. Running any 100 mile race is a true challenge physically, mentally and emotionally. Don't expect to run a PR here. DO expect to find the finest aid stations in ultra running, epic scenery, and world famous volunteers.


All individuals registering for the 100-Mile event MUST meet the Qualification Standards BY THE CLOSE OF REGISTRATION FOR THE LOTTERY DECEMBER 19th AT MIDNIGHT for the 2022 event. NO EXCEPTIONS! Any non-qualified runners registered for the 100 mile race will be removed from the lottery prior to the lottery drawing.
All registrants must meet at least one of the following qualification times. Proof that Qualification Standards have been met must be verifiable by official race results on Ultra Signup or results listed in Ultrarunning Magazine:
1. 50 miles in less than 15 hours or the TRT 50-Miler in less than 17 hours,or
2. 100 kilometers in less than 20 hours, or
3. Completion of any OFFICIAL 100-mile trail race.
The qualifying period is July 1, 2019 to December 19, 2021.
Registration officials will confirm that Qualification Standards were fulfilled by verifying the qualification information provided during the registration process. (If an individual registers for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run but proof of qualification can not be confirmed the individual WILL NOT be allowed to participate refunds WILL NOT be issued). If you have completed a qualifying event but the results have not been posted at the time of registration contact the event's Race Director. No virtual races will be considered.
The Race Director reserves the right to determine if a race not covered above is a qualifying event.
There are NO qualifying requirements for the 50M and the 55K.


No changes in pricing!
100 Mile $325 plus fees
50 Mile. $190 plus fees
55K $135 plus fees

Trail Work

All the 100 Mile entrants MUST complete 8 Hours of Volunteer Trail Work. This means WORK!!! Only trail building or trail maintenance counts. Marking a course, sweeping, or volunteering at an aid station does not count. Trail work requirement must be completed between July 1, 2019 and July 5, 2021.

Local time: 6:51 AM


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