Saturday, Sep 7, 2019

Hawk Hundred

798 N 1402 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66049

Lawrence, KS 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 100 Miler Pacer, Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 7, 2019

Cancelled Event


Hawk 2020 - Cancelled

Hello HAWK family;
We hope this finds you, your families, and your community all safe and healthy.
The 2020 HAWK Hundred/50-mile/marathon event will not be held. There will not be a virtual option.
Although we spent considerable time planning how we could safely hold our event, given the upward trajectory in COVID infections in the state of Kansas, it is likely that restrictions on the number of people who could be gathered into a single area would not be increased enough to accommodate the number of runners, crew, volunteers, and spectators who would be involved in having even a smaller event.
We have delayed making a decision on this as we monitored the situation and explored all options for safely hosting the race. As responsible stewards of the trails and trust of the organization and our runners, we have done all we can to avoid needless waste and expense while this decision has been pending. This means we have not placed orders for race swag for the event; race swag is not available.
Registered runners will have the option of deferral to the 2021 HAWK in their registered event. Runners wishing to exercise this option are asked to email If you have already requested a deferral you will be added to the list. When registration for the 2021 event opens, an invitation to register will be sent to runners exercising this option and must be used within 30 days. This option is only available for registered runners; runners on the waiting list have not been charged entry fees. The entry fees paid this year by runners who do not choose to defer to 2021 will be used to support the event vendors and small businesses who we all rely on to make our events the premiere races they are. We want to make sure those businesses are here for us when we are ready to get back to the business of racing.
We would encourage our HAWK family to view the COVID-19 pandemic through the same lens we use to complete ultras: although the finish line seems like it is very far away, we only get there by continuing to move forward with intention. Take care of one another, and take care of yourselves. We want to see you at the starting line and hug you as you cross the finish line in 2021.
Sherrie and Ami

Clinton State Park, Lawrence KS

The Hawk 100 / 50 / 26.2 Race, presented by the Lawrence Trail Hawks, is located at: Clinton State Park
Army Corp of Engineer - Shelter 1 - Overlook Park
798 N 1402 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66049

Hawk Hundred

The Hawk Hundred, sponsored by the Lawrence Trail Hawks, has the option of a 100-mile, 50-mile and Marathon trail race. The course covers a 25 mile loop through the technical rolling trails at Clinton State Park, Lawrence, KS. The Marathon runners will run 1.2 miles on the Nature Center Trail before they start the 25 mile loop.

The 100 MILE race starts at 6:00AM
The 50 MILE race starts at 7:00AM.
The MARATHON starts at 8:00AM

The pre-race briefing will start at 6pm. It is especially recommended for all 100-mile runners, and would be helpful for 50-mile and marathon runners as well. Packets may be picked up during the pre-race briefing on Friday from 5–7 pm. You may also pick up your packet at the Start/Finish on race morning, at least 30 minutes before your race starts. DROP BAGS need to be dropped off Race morning 15 minutes before your scheduled start time.

As always, Mile 90 will be capturing the beauty of the race day with their breathtaking pictures. Please visit their website for the last several years of the Hawk Hundred pictures.

All distances 100 / 50 / 26.2 are chipped timed by Timer Guys and live updates will be available on race day.

SPONSORS - We are very grateful for the continued support from Orange Mud, Tailwind Nutrition, Squirrel’s Nut Butter, Second Best Coffee, and Honey Stinger

KANSAS GRAND SLAM OF ULTRA RUNNING - The Hawk Hundred is once again part of the Grand Slam

All Runners will receive a long sleeve race shirt, a race bag, HAWK car sticker if you register by August 15th.

100 Mile Finishers - We have a beautiful Hawk finishers buckle for SUB 24 HOURS and SUB 32 HOURS.
50 Mile Finisher Mug - New design this year and handcrafted by Matty Mullins.
Marathon Finisher Medal New design this year and also handcrafted by Matty Mullins
**Top three male and female finishers in each race will receive an award**
**Master Awards - First place master male and female finisher in each race.

Please visit our Facebook page at: for updates to the race and fun contest that include prizes from Orange Mud. We also have a fabulous community of runners that will keep you motivated during your training. Also be sure to visit the Lawrence Trail Hawks at: for information about our weekly group runs as well as our upcoming events.


Please see the race website for more race details:


General Course Description

100-mile Start time: 6:00AM. 50-mile Start time 7:AM You’ll begin at the Start/Finish and run about an eighth of a mile to the trail head for the blue-blazed trail. Make a left turn onto the blue-blazed trail and follow it a couple hundred yards to the Sanders Mound trail. You’ll take a left and do a quick 1.1 mile out-and-back to the top of Sanders Mound. From there you’ll get back on the blue-blazed trail and head for the Lands End aid station.

From Lands End you’ll take the RED blazed trail for about 1 mile and then connect with the blue-blazed trail. You will follow the BLUE trail and after you cross the Park road and it will turn into the white-blazed trail 3.5 miles from Lands End 1 at a point known as Cactus Ridge.

The white-blazed trail will take you to the West Park Road aid station. From there, leave the trails and follow the signs, flags and ribbons along West Park Road, staying on the grass, to Bunker Hill. This is the Goodwin Loop. Complete the 2.5-mile Goodwin Loop, which includes a traverse of Bunker Hill, and return to the West Park Road aid station. You’ll then continue on the white-blazed trail back to the Lands End aid station.

Leaving Lands End you will continue on the white-blazed trail back to the Start/Finish aid station. This completes one loop of the course.

Big Loop: At the Start/Finish aid station, runners will have completed 25 miles (26.2 for marathoners)—what we call the “Big Loop.” Hundred-milers repeat the Big Loop three more times and 50-milers one more time.

When the trails cross: The white-blazed trail and the blue-blazed trail cross at several points on the course. The crossings will be heavily marked and signed, but it is your responsibility to read and heed the markers, signs, and white and blue blazes to stay on course.

Marathon: Start time 8:00AM - runners will follow the same course as the 50 and 100-mile runners, but they will run an additional 1.2 miles at the beginning of the race.

Aid Stations

The Hawk is a fully-staffed race with three aid stations, manned by experienced UltraRunners. Aid stations will offer Tailwind Nutrition, Water, Coke, Mountain Dew and Ginger-ale. We serve Honey Stinger gels, chews and waffles and S-caps as our additional electrolyte. Typical aid station food includes but is not limited to: Oranges, bananas, watermelon, pringles, pretzels, oreo cookies, nutter butters, M&M's, Peanut M&M&'s, ginger chews, boiled potatoes, peanut butter wraps, nutella wraps, and turkey wraps. Each aid station will offer a variety of homemade soup and other warm food on the overnight hours. If you have a "special needs diet," please contact the RD and we will do our best to accommodate you at the Start/Finish aid station. Following are the locations and distances runners will hit aid stations as they traverse the 25-mile course (26.2 for marathoners).

• Lands End: 4.5 miles – no crew access, drop bags
• West Park Road: 10.5 and 13 miles – crew access, drop bags
• Lands End: 18.5 miles – no crew access, drop bags
• Start/Finish: 25 miles – crew access, drop bags


The 100 and 50-mile races have a Sunday 10:00am cut off for runners leaving the West Park Road aid station, after completing the Bunker Hill/Goodwin loop. This is at mile 88 for the 100-mile runners and mile 38 for the 50-mile runners.
The cut off for Lands End aid Station is Sunday 12pm, noon. This is at mile 93.5 for the 100-mile runners and 43.5 for the 50-mile runners.

To stay in the race, you must have left the aid station by the above cut off times. Volunteers will breakdown the aid station at that time, and depart. Runners continuing on their own accord past the cutoffs, and not arriving at the Start/Finish on or before the 2pm cutoff, will not be eligible for the finisher awards.

Deferment Policy

Seeing you cross the finish line is the reason we host this race. If you’ve signed up for one of the events, but are unable to safely participate in the Hawk race, we offer the following options.

Runners may contact the Race Director and transfer to a lower or a higher distance on or before August 1st. In the event a runner transfers to a higher distance, a pro rata charge will apply. No credit or refund can be given for runners transferring to a lower distance race. You can also "EDIT" your registration on ultrasignup and change the distance yourself; in the event you upgrade the distance the system will generate a code and prompt you to re-register for the new distance. If a race distance is SOLD OUT, you will not be able to change to the sold out distance.

The Hawk does not allow refunds or for the runners to transfer entries to other participants. NO Transfer Permitted: Race numbers and official participant bibs are assigned by the Race Director to each specific participant and may not be transferred, reproduced, replicated, or modified under any circumstance. You may not: 1) give or sell your number or tag to another person; 2) receive or purchase a number or tag from another person; 3) modify, make copies or other reproductions/replications of your number or bib for any purpose (or allow another to do so); and/or 4) participate with an unofficial race number or bib (i.e., a number or bib that was not assigned to you by the Race Director).
Attempting to do any of the foregoing is also prohibited and any person found violating these rules will be subject to penalties, including but not limited to disqualification and suspension from subsequent Hawk Hundred events.

Hundred milers who drop at mile 50 will receive a 50-mile finisher award, if available. YOU MUST DROP AT MILE 50, IF YOU CONTINUE PAST MILE 50 AND DROP LATER YOU WILL BE RECORDED AS A DNF FOR THE 100 MILE RACE. However, they are not eligible for 50-mile 1st, 2nd or 3rd place awards. Hundred-mile and 50-mile runners may NOT drop to the marathon and will be recorded as a DNF in the race results.

Runners may defer their race entries to the following year, by notifying the Race Director on or before August 1st. Deferral will NOT be permitted for any runner making a request less than 30 days before the scheduled event. The race Deferral is good for one year only. Requests for deferral must be submitted in writing to the Race Director; given the press of other preparations, runners should make sure their request has been confirmed. The deferral code must be obtained from the Race Director and used within the first 45 days of the next year’s race registration.

If you can’t attend, and haven’t deferred, please let the Race Director know at least seven days before the race, so your name can be removed from the starters list. You also have the option to remove yourself from the race on Ultrasignup. If you don’t show up, and don’t let us know in advance that you can’t make it, you’ll be recorded as DNS in the race results.

Race Cancellation or postponement

In the event the race should be postponed or canceled for reasons beyond the control of the Lawrence Trail Hawks (inclement or unsafe weather conditions; local, state or national emergency), refunds will NOT be made, but race packets, including race shirts, will be available at a location to be determined or possibly, though but not guaranteed, by mail.

If local authorities, Clinton State Park and the Kansas Trails Council trail steward, deem the trails unsafe for runners or vulnerable to damage due to muddy conditions, an alternative course will be provided by the Lawrence Trail Hawks race Directors, pending approval by Clinton State Park and the Kansas Trails Council Trail Steward.

Local time: 10:52 PM


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