Friday, May 31, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Connecticut Ultra Traverse #CUT112

5 Rising Corner Rd.

Southwick, MA 112 Miler, 60 Miler

This Event Took Place Fri. May 31, 2019


** THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED. But I still encourage you to join us next year and Stay safe** The Connecticut Ultra Traverse (#CUT112) is a 112 mile trail running event following the Blue Blazes of the New England Trail from the MA-CT border to the Long Island Sound in Guilford, CT. This will take place on Friday June 5th 2020 starting at 8:00AM. Some will run and CUT through the entire State of Connecticut and others will CUT in and CUT out as pacers. Although we will help coordinate aid and your crews on the course, ultimately all runners are expected to provide or arrange for their own support, and to respect the landowners along the trail. If you are traveling from out of State, and want to get a local crew, local folks may be willing to assist if you communicate early and ask for help. RD will be asking each runner about their support plan in advance of race date. If your are too flaky, don't communicate or are annoying AF, the RD reserves the right to fill your spot with someone else who is not gonna fuck everything up. We love you and want you to do well, but need to live our own lives too. There is no charge for running this event, however it is a “Fun Razor”! So we ask that each runner join and make a “generous” donation directly to Connecticut Forest and Parks.
These blue blaze trails are all maintained by Connecticut Forest and Parks Association and this run is being done to help raise funds to help support the trails we love and this great organization. This is a low key event that we would like to grow over time. Eventually this event may, or may not grow to become a more traditional race. For 2020 the runners may choose to run together or race, and try to set a new FKT.
There are no formal prizes, but may be some random swag provided by some awesome local trail folks.


We have a strong group of volunteers, but if you are running the CUT112 or the MUT (60 Miles) we will need you to have a dedicated crew to act as a rolling aid station for you and your gear. They will meet you at the road crossings with your gear, and tell you good jokes as they watch us devour junk food. They may even help post bail if you get arrested for loitering or disturbing the peace. We will work out the details on our face book page after we know exactly who will be running. You should also plan on bringing enough food and drink to survive and to share with others. But I know you would do that anyway, just because...

Donate to the Trails

The CUT112 is a fun razor, and we are asking folks to please make a generous gift to CFPA, beyond your annual membership, because they are the ones that maintain and protect the trails we will be running on. Use the link below and please put "Donation made on behalf of #CUT112 because we love to run the Blue Blazed trails of CT" in the Dedication Option section. Hey if you feel inclined, ask your friends and family to support you by making a small donation.

The Course

This route strings together some of the best trail running in Connecticut including Suffield Mountain, Peak Mountain, Hatchet Hill, Wilcox Park, Penwood State Park (Traprock 50k), Heublein Tower, MDC Reservoirs, Rattlesnake Mountain, Pinnacle Rock, Crescent Lake, Ragged Mountain (Run Ragged), Castle Craig, Lamentation Mountain, Chauncey Peak, Mount Higby, Powder Ridge, Tri-Mountain State Park, Bluff Head (Bimblers Bluff 50k) , Cockaponset State Forest, East River Preserve, and the Guilford Point waterfront. The Course is not marked except by the blue blazes of Connecticut Forest and Parks. Runners need to navigate themselves and know the route.


Please know that this is not an easy course, as last 2 years more than half of the experienced field DNF'd. The traprock ridges of Connecticut will test the feet and ankles with miles of challenging technical singletrack. Runners must be experienced at traveling on trails at night, and will need to be well versed in following the blue blazes of the New England Trail. This course has at least 16,722” Ft of Vertical gain and is pure Beast coast. And even has 2 elevators! This will likely take you in excess of 30 hours. Runners will be asked about their past trail ultra experiences to support a finish time of the CUT112 in 45 hours or less. This run is intended to be done without stopping to sleep. The intent is to complete the CUT112 in one effort. RD reserves the right to deny entry to anyone for any reason. This applies to both routes. Be very thorough in answering your past experience questions.

Local time: 7:00 AM


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