Saturday, Oct 19, 2019 @ 6:35 AM

Big Dog's Backyard Ultra

the Big Farm-Short Creek

Bell Buckle, TN Last Man Standing

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 19, 2019


the big dog's backyard ultra is back for 2021.
it no longer requires an explanation
backyard ultras are to be found in 43 countries (and counting)
the race format where you are always tied for the lead....
until you give up..
the race format where anyone can win.
all they have to do is to never quit.
precisely at 0700 hours (short creek time) on saturday october 16, 2021
the 75 toughest backyard ultra runners in the world will answer the bell
for the first of what will be a string of 4.166667 mile yards.
a string that has no defined end.
a string that will go on...
all day and all night...
hour after hour
day after day
over hundreds upon hundreds of miles
until only one can answer the bell...

all year long the backyard ultras are run.
they are run on roads
they are run on trails
runners at every level can pursue their personal limits.
to discover how far they can go.
and then go further.
the best of these have been assembled.
winners of golden tickets
and national championships.
men and women whose will to win puts them among the greats of the sport.
men and women who do not know the meaning of surrender.
men and women who have earned their place in the big dog's starting corral on the field of combat

and on the trails of big's backyard
they will seek to find the limits of not just a runner
but for all runners.
to win, someone will have to go as far as any human alive can go
and then go one more yard.
anyone can win.
but only one will.
all others will simply be another dnf

but oh, such glorious failures.

Local time: 3:43 PM


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