Saturday, Feb 23, 2019 @ 9:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 23, 2019

General Description

The Frozen Branch is an out & back 50k trail run. The route will follow a familiar set of well-marked trails that will start in Urbana, NY.

This race will be an out & back event with the turn around aid station at the Evangeline Shelter. This race is held in February, in upstate NY which means there is no telling what the weather will bring. Trail shoes, snowshoes, and additional traction & use of trekking poles are allowed.

The start and the finish of the 50k will be at the Urbana Town Hall Parking Lot. 25k runners will finish at the shelter and be shuttled back to their cars at the starting line. All finishers are welcomed to stay after the race for post-race food, awards, and fun.


There will be no supplemental course markings. The course will be outlined and discussed prior to the start. You must be willing and able to navigate this course.

There will be roughly 5,500ft of climbing. This is not a flat, easy trail. Winter weather conditions will only make things worse.

The 25k course is simply running out to the Shelter (turn around) If you stop here we will count you as a 25k finisher. Due to the difficulty of the course and issues that may arise due to potential weather conditions, there are no cutoffs, we expect you'll quit long before we have to worry about any of that.

Aid Stations

There will be at least two locations where aid will be available. Aid will include basic first aid, blankets and excellent food options.

Lake David - 12.5k (out) & 37k (on return)
Evangaline Shelter - 25k (turnaround/finish)

Local time: 12:27 AM


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