Sunday, Feb 10, 2019 @ 6:00 PM
This Event Took Place Sun. Feb 10, 2019

Distance and Aid Stations

Distance: 30K Race

Aid Stations: Will be every 4 to 6 miles
Aid Stations will be stocked with Soda, Pickles, Skittles, Swedish Fish, M & Ms, PB & J, Pretzels, Cookies, Produce, Gatorade Powder, and Skratch Powder.

Finish Line: Will have all of the above, and burgers, brownies, soup, and potatoes.

Drop Bags: There will be one drop bag zone roughly just more then mile 7 1/2!


There will be hand-made finisher awards and Top 3 Male and Female awards made from recycled material or “up-cycling” as it is also called. This will be a hand-cut and painted trophy of the Skunk Ape riding a unicorn!

No age-group awards, no t-shirts, and no special accommodations.

BEER AND WINE GLASSES!! For all finishers!!


10k Fitness and Apparel: Quality apparel for the hardworking individuals who understand the 10,000 hours it takes before reaching goals and mastering a craft. One of the owners, Austin Jones, ran with race-director Joseph Fuller while in High School. Austin went on to run Cross Country and Track at Lake Erie College and Southern Indiana University. Austin is currently attending Southern Indiana University.

Fuel 100 Electro-Bites!! Everyone will be receiving Fuel 100 Electro-Bites for the Skunk Ape Night Run 30k! Electro-Bites are designed specifically for endurance athletes to help extend training and improve race performance. In addition to calorie replacement each serving contains 190mg Sodium, 55mg Potassium and 46mg Magnesium.

Restrooms and Water

ADA accessible portable toilets available at campgrounds.
Nonpotable water available at River Road entrance and equestrian and primitive campgrounds.

We will have two Port-o-Potties on site!


Camping is FREE in the Green Swamp.
Sites have picnic tables, fire rings and/or grills.
A free reservation is required and must be displayed or available at campground.

The Ashley Campground or Cumpressco Campground would be the way to go.

Youll need to create a login at the Southwest Florida Water Management District website;

Skunk Ape Night Run

Its happening!! This will be the first race out in the Green Swamp WMA in a few years.

The race will take place on February 10th, 2019, Sunday Night. You will be taking off at sunset, roughly around 6:00PM. You will then make your way around the course as the sun continues to set and goes down. At the finish you will be greeted by our friendly faces and music. The Green Swamp is full of wildlife, it is truly Old Florida!

The idea is that it's a broken down, simple, running event. There will be hand-made finisher awards and Top 3 Male and Female awards made from recycled material or “up-cycling” as it is also called. No age-group awards, no t-shirts, and no special accommodations… but it will be timed and results will be posted online after the race... this will take maybe a day or two.

Water will be available in 5 gallon jugs or gallon containers, Gatorade and/or Scratch will also be available, but you might just have to mix it yourself. There will be some bites to eat available post-race, but nothing fancy… just snacks and maybe something like hot dogs on the grill.

You can also always bring something in, which I recommend, for everyone to enjoy…. You know, pot-luck style. I mean c'mon, it is a party in the woods after all!

Events will happen rain or shine. Soggy or Dry!

Come out; bring a lawn chair, shoes, and friends… then run… race… and get a bite to eat.

Overall, Have FUN!!

The Course

What else should I say? This is a classic Florida race that covers almost all of the terrains Florida has to offer. From pasture lanes, mug, dirt roads, single track trails, some hills, to sugar sand, fire berms, and more!

The Start will be between Ranch and Cumpressco Road. You will take off down Cumpressco Road, which will turn right onto a lane between two pastures that turns into a dirt road called Rangers Landing Road. You will follow this road for a few miles until you reach the Big Foot BSA campsite (just under 3 miles). Once reaching that point you will follow the loop and come back the way you came until you are directing to turn right onto the Florida Trail. There are two Florida Trail entrances, you will taking the second one that you will come across on the way back from the loop. (Both will be marked to not enter or enter).

Once on the Florida Trail you will follow the course markers (flagging, glow sticks, and tape). Watch out for the Skunk Ape, according to research it is “highly likely” that he roams the land.

This will then bring you across the Cumpressco Road and then over a small bridge, still remaining on the Florida Trail.

Nearing mile 8 you will cross Ranch Road and follow the markers turning onto the dirt road called Cedar Pocket Road.

Following that road for around half a mile you will then turn onto a pasture lane. This is where you follow the fire berm for mile 9 to 11. There used to be a ranch located here in the 1940's and is now long gone.

Then turning right back onto Cedar Pocket Road you will follow the road until meeting back up with the Florida Trail. You will again turn right and follow the Florida Trail until roughly mile 14 when you'll turn left back onto Cedar Pocket Road.

Following Cedar Pocket Road you will follow it as it goes from gravel and grass going straight. Then around mile Mile 17 you will turn right onto a grass horse trail and follow it for the last mile and a half of the course.

As you leave the grassy horse trail, you will be directed by tall flagging for the final turns and loop in the open fields until going back onto Ranch Road to the finish line.

Local time: 1:55 PM


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