Saturday, Jul 20, 2019
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10th Annual McCall Trailrunning Classic


Race Info:
The 10th Annual McCall Trailrunning Classic will be held on the EVENING of July 17th, 2021 at Brundage Mountain Resort just north of McCall. ID. We will have 3 distances, 26+ mile Marathon, 13 mile Half Marathon, and a 10K. The Marathon will start at 4PM and will be 3 distinct loops climbing to Brundage's top and using basically every inch of Brundage's spectacular trail network. The Half marathon will start at 5pm and will be 1 big loop (first loop of Marathon), the 10K will start at 5:30pm and will be 1 smaller loop (2nd loop of Marathon). All races will start and finish at the Lower Parking Lot at Brundage Mountain Resort. No capacity limit on entrants.
Because there is a reasonable likelihood of finishing in the dark (marathoners only) you will need a headlamp for the final leg of the race, and we reserve the right to add additional mandatory gear such as a jacket if the weather is threatening.

We expect COVID-19 to still be an issue in July, so be ready to pull off all the stops to make the race go. We reserve the right to ask all runners and their guests to do temp checks, facial coverings any time you are near others (aid stations, start, finish, when running near others), etc. We will communicate our race rules as the race draws nearer and we can assess the current virus situation.

Registration and Rollovers:
For rollover entrants, I will be sending out an email through Ultrasignup to everyone registered for the canceled July 2020 MTC race. You will reply to that email indicating which of the distances (if any) that you want to enter. You will also be able to enter IMTUF 100/20mi on September 11-12, or the Heavens Gate Marathon and Half Marathon in October. If entry fees are similar from your 2020 race entry, you can get in free. If it is significantly more, we will apply your 2020 fees to the 2021 race (such as if you want to apply MTC fees towards the IMTUF 100 miler).

Brundage will charge a very modest $10 per camping party to stay overnight at the Lower Parking Lot (Start/Finish area) on SATURDAY night after you finish the race. Brundage offers other camping arrangements on their property for other days of the week. There is also plenty of hotel and other camping in the area.

Refund/Cancelation Policy for any cancelation of the race due to wildfire, pandemic, or other unforeseen events that make the race unsafe or impossible to run.
1. We will refund 50% of your entry fee until June 1st, 2021 at 11:59am.
2. After June 1st, there will be no refunds.
3. We will not do any rollover or transfer of bibs.
4. This is a mountain race. If the race must be cancelled due to fire, severe weather, etc, there is no possible way for us to refund or rollover your entry. That money is gone. When you register, consider this issue and either commit or stick to safer races that run in circles.
5. If facing personal financial hardship, reach out to us.

Local time: 8:07 AM


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