Sunday, Oct 6, 2019 @ 8:00 AM


Forks Area Trail System

North Augusta, SC 50K

This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 6, 2019

Race Day Schedule

• Volunteers begin to arrive: 5:15 am
• Check-in and Bib pick up: 6:00 am to 7:30 am
• Pre-race meeting: 7:45 am
• Race start: 8:00 am for 50K runners
• Race start: 8:30 am for Half Marathon runners
• Race start: 8:45 am for 10K runners

The half marathon runners will have a delayed start behind the 50K runners and will follow the same two loops as the 50K runners.

The 10K runners will have a delayed start behind the Half Marathon runners and will run Deep Step trail only plus a modified connector start to get the full 6.2 mi. distance.

Directions to the Race Start

GPS Coordinates to the parking lot: 33.608532,-82.079662
Google Maps

Packet Pick Up

You will have two options this year for bib & packet pick up. On Saturday, September 30th, you can pick up your bib from the Fleet Feet Sports from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The address for Fleet Feet in Augusta is:
229 Furys Ferry Rd. #107
Augusta, GA 30907

Race day bib pick up will be the morning of the race at the picnic table at the back of the parking lot. Bib pick up will begin at 6:00 am and end at 7:15 am.

Course Description

50K Trail Order:
Loop 1: Great Wall Counter Clockwise (CCW)
Loop 2: Deep Step (CCW)
Loop 3: Skinny (CCW) to aid station then onto Brown Wave Clockwise (CW)
Loop 4: Aid station on Brown Wave (CW) to the remainder of Skinny (CCW)
Loop 5 Great Wall (CW) to the finish line

Half Marathon Trail Order:
Loop 1: Great Wall Counter Clockwise (CCW)
Loop 2: Deep Step (CCW) then FINISH.
The Half Marathon runners will have access to a WATER DROP around mile 4 and one FULL AID STATION around the 8 mile after completing Great Wall loop before you begin Deep Step.

10K Trail Order:
Deep Step (CCW) then back to FINISH.

Trail Marker Colors:
Bright red = Great wall
Green = Deep Step
Blue = Skinny
Dark red = Brown Wave

Course Signage
The course will be marked at specific turns with signage. Since this race is on 99% single-track trails with almost no side trails.

The FATS 50K is held at the Forks Area Trail System(aka FATS), located in Sumter National Forest near North Augusta, SC. The course is a series of 4 loops - Great Wall, Deep Step, Skinny and Brown Wave with the Great Wall Loop being repeated a second time. The trails are single-track, shaded, rolling terrain, a many rocks and roots, but very well maintained and very runnable.

Aid Stations

FATS 50K has two primary aid stations. The first aid station will be crossed a total of three (3) times. The second aid station will be crossed once. At each aid station there will be a team of volunteers recording your bib numbers as you enter the aid stations. Please be sure to call out your bib number to them so you can be accounted for. Please make sure your bib is visible somewhere on the front of your body. The FATS 50K is CUP FREE event, so be sure to bring your own handheld hydration bottle. Each aid station will have water, Accelerade by Pacific Health Labs, Coke, Mountain Dew and ginger ale to drink. There will be an assortment of snacks, fruit, chips, salt and potatoes, salt caps and PB&J sandwiches. There will also be two WATER ONLY aid stations at the beginning of the Brown Wave connector (near the bench on Skinny) and at the half way point on the Great Wall trail.

Drop Bags
If you want to make use of a drop bag, you can have a drop bag sent to the main aid station(Aid Station 1, 2, & 4). Please have your name and bib number on the drop bag. This aid station is a half mile from the finish line so you can easily get your bag if it is not back by the time you finish. No drop bags at Aid Station 3.


Parking is somewhat limited at the race start/finish area. Please consider carpooling if you can and parking close enough to vehicle next to you to allow the maximum amount of cars in the lot. We will also be providing overflow parking down the FS road next to the main parking area. There will be parking directors leading you to available locations.

Trail Safety

PLEASE DO NOT BRING PETS TO THE RACE! I love dogs, have 4 dogs myself; however races are not ideal for your four-legged friends due to the excessive amount of commotion and activity by strangers and being in an unfamiliar setting. The last thing anyone wants is to be bitten by a dog while racing. Even if your dog is the most mild mannered pup in the world, please leave them home to rest while you run. 

Trail Traffic
Please note that the FATS 50K is held on public use trails and you will more than likely encounter others enjoying the trails on race day. The FATS trails are highly regarded mountain bike trails and people travel from all over the country to ride them. The local chapter of SORBA is aware of the race and is advising riders to use some of the other area trails on race day. However, if you do encounter a mountain biker(s), please step off the side of the trail to allow them to pass since it is easier for the runner to step aside than it is for them to dismount. Generally, the mountain biking community stays away on race day but there is always the possibility to encounter a few riders enjoying their day.

Trail Safety
The FATS trails are remote and, aside from a few access points, are hard to get into if someone gets injured or needs assistance. Each trail is marked every half mile with a mileage marker. If you encounter an injured runner try to assess the situation and if applicable, stay with the runner send another runner to seek help from the nearest aid station/volunteer, if you carry your cell phone while running, please feel free to call me directly in the event of an emergency. Please take note of the closest trail distance marker and which trail you are on. In the event of sudden severe weather, please consider all options and only continue on when it is safe to do so.


The hotels along the Washington Rd./I-20 corridor in Augusta, GA are going to be the closest to the race start. These hotels are approximately 15-20 minutes from the race start.
If you prefer to camp, There are campgrounds at Petersburg Campgrounds at Lake Thurmond. These campgrounds are approximately 10-15 minutes from the race start. 

Wet Trail Policy

Wet Trail Policy will be in effect for this event. Should weather or wet trail conditions keep the race from occurring, the FATS 50K and Half Marathon we will make an effort to still have the race on FS roads if approve in time otherwise the event will be cancelled and no refunds will be given. If this happens the proceeds of this event will be donated back to fund trail maintenance.

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Event Proceeds

The proceeds from this event go directly back to fund future years of this event along with these other local events and organizations:
Rut Rogue 40 Miler, 40K and Relay
Flow Master Mountain Bike Race (100% of these go back to SORBA-CSRA)
Augusta Trail Runners
Augusta Eagles XC Team

Race Director

Nathan Maxwell

Event's current local time: 7:38 PM ET


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