Saturday, Jul 13, 2019 @ 6:30 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 13, 2019

Run4Fun Trail Race

This is a local favorite section with amazing views, 3 bridges, 1 creek traveling over rocks, uphill approximately 900 ft gain +/- depending on your devise. The trail is 100% dirt and starts at the Kaysville Wilderness area and goes to Fernwood and back. (You can check reviews on All Trails) The trail is only mildly technical and you could run in road shoes if you do not mind getting them dirty, or trail shoes preferred. It has beautiful scenery and is a fun area to run (I run it personally often).

Feel free to be competitive or enjoy the scenery. I want everyone to have a great experience and enjoy my favorite area. Myself and the volunteers will do our very best to mark the trail perfectly and to provide the best support. After the race, feel free to email what you liked and didn't like about the race so we can improve.

Aid Station

We will have 1 Aid Station at the turn around (3.5 Miles) and another at both the finish/start area. You are welcome to carry water but it isn't required. It is only 7 miles total but remember running on trails and climbing will slow you down. If you are not a serious trail runner yet, that is perfectly fine. Just know it will slow your pace down 1-3 minutes per mile.


Finisher Medal for everyone who completes the run, regardless on your time.

A Run4fun Buff


Sorry, no. However, I am a runner first and HATE to throw money away so I will allow transfers to other runners. I will charge a $5, pain in the butt fee. Just email me to make arrangements.

Packet Pick Up

We will not require an extra trip to pick up a bib. It will be the same day from 5:00 am-6:15 am. Remember the race starts at 6:30 am so if you show up at 6:15 and parking is a little further because you are last, then you need to use the restroom you may be late to the start and this can't be my fault. The address is 740 Oakmont Ln (just type in Kaysville Wilderness Area Trailhead).

Who is Run4Fun

Run4fun is a group on Facebook nearly 6000 runners primarily from Utah. Most people post questions and daily runs for support and encouragement. Normally when we go to races we draw a #4 with a Sharpie on our calf or arm so we can recognize each other even if we haven't met in person we are friends. We far exceed any group in Utah (at Races). The group is very diverse from distance, type of exercises, and abilities. Some win races where many just run to finish.


This will be on gun time not chip. Be as competitive as you would like but please have patience with us. We are going to work very hard to make sure things go well but if your time is off by 5 seconds because of the timing system, it isn't worth getting upset over.

Local time: 3:27 PM


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